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Published 15.06.2020 07:32
In New Zealand, a chat-bot sharing Covid-19 information will include Pacific languages.
This free Facebook Messenger chat-bot named Ᾱmio was created by three New Zealand doctors, Sanjeev Krishna, Canaan Aumua and Cole Rudolph. It was launched in February for residents in New Zealand and Australia. It is currently in English and Mandarin and they plan to translate it to Samoan, Tongan and…
Published 27.05.2020 17:45
In Australia, the government has urged citizens to download a CovidSafe tracing app to make it more effective.
Millions of people have already downloaded the app, but according to the government, its uptake numbers could play a part in easing Covid-19 restrictions. A person who downloads the app is asked to register their name, age range, postcode and phone number. That registration information is stored encrypted on a…
Published 19.05.2020 16:15
In Australia, indigenous artists perform East Arnhem Live, an online concert series.
They are musicians from northeast Arnhem Land, a wilderness area in the northeast corner of Australia’s Northern Territory. They intend to bring the culture and history of East Arnhem Land to audiences across Australia and the world during the pandemic. Performances are posted via live stream to the East Arnhem…
Published 27.04.2020 12:34
In Australia, telehealth is supporting seniors during the lockdown.
For example, private companies such as Woolworths and Coles Supermarkets mobilise priority delivery of grocery items to the elderly. The home medicine service provides a free, contactless delivery of prescription medication for older and vulnerable Australians. Such organisations as My Aged Care, Red Cross, Telecross calling services support older people…
Published 27.04.2020 11:58
In Australia, a radio station translates information into indigenous languages.
It is a Darwin-based Yolngu Radio 88.9FM station. It broadcasts through all six major North East Arnhem Land communities, 15 remote homelands, and the Darwin and Palmerston region. In March, Australian government used its Biosecurity Act to restrict visitors to Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities.
Published 27.04.2020 06:55
In Australia, Bicycle Network called on governments to transform roads into cycleways to ease traffic on bike paths.
As the country’s representative body for cyclists found, the number of those riding bicycles increased up to 79 percent during the pandemic. As some bicycle manufacturers predict, it might be a more permanent trend even once social distancing measures are eased, since people will have to commute to work and…
Published 26.04.2020 21:11
In Australia, Sydney has activated automated traffic signals.
This is to allow pedestrians to cross the road without having to touch a button. The automated traffic lights will be active 24 hours a day. Similar initiatives have already been implemented in other places such as New Zealand, Boston or Massachusetts, which also have automated crossing signals.

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