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Published 22.06.2020 14:17
Belarus Free Theatre created a fully fledged play online via Zoom.
Using separate video devices, including smartphones and drones, the play is being broadcast live from Minsk and performed in the homes of its socially distanced, 12-strong ensemble. It is an adaptation of Sasha Sokolov’s experimental novella A School for Fools that was circulated as underground literature in the USSR. The…
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Published 09.06.2020 12:56
Poland delivered a convoy of more than 40 trucks with protective gear to Belarus.
According to the state press agency of Belarus, 45 trucks arrived to Belarus. A transport with 300 tonnes of equipment on board includes, among others, protective masks, helmets, disinfectant liquids, medicines and dozens of ventilators. The value of the transferred funds exceeds €11 mln. In April, Poland already donated an…
Published 07.06.2020 18:05
In Belarus, a human rights organisation teamed up with Belarusian artists to create unique masks.
These are masks that remind about the freedom of information, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, women’s rights and more. It was launched by a human rights organisation Human Constanta and a Belarusian artist Sergey Shabohin. They later invited other both well-known and young artists to participate in…
Published 26.05.2020 18:51
In Belarus, a health symptoms tracker platform helps detect the probability of Covid-19 infection.
It is called Sens Md and it was developed by a technology company Grin IT. The service is free. Its goal is to inform users about Covid-19 specific symptoms, explain when there is a high risk of infection and share recommendations of WHO and other health organisations Ultimately, the platform…
Published 24.05.2020 17:00
In Belarus, the Red Cross and an IT company Onde launched a taxi service that will ride volunteers free of charge.
It will help volunteers deliver medical recipes or grocery products to the elderly. It is a free online service and is based on the company’s new product, the Lolo app. It targets those drivers who want to help but aren’t necessarily ready to deliver groceries on their own.
Published 17.05.2020 21:31
How volunteers in Belarus use 3D printing to combat medical equipment shortage during Covid-19 pandemic
Hospitals throughout Belarus are facing a shortage of personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic, but communities are trying to help fill the gap. Minsk Hackerspace is a non-profit, all-volunteer DIY community in Minsk. On April 1, a group of engineers, makers, and healthcare professionals teamed up to leverage DIY manufacturing technology to support PPE production in the country.
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Published 16.05.2020 17:00
Amnesty International opublikowała raport o represjach stosowanych przez niektóre rządy w Europie Wschodniej i Azji Środkowej w związku z pandemią Covid-19.
Dokument zatytułowany Eastern Europe and Central Asia Confronted with COVID-19: Responses and Responsibilities informuje m.in. o Kazachstanie, w którym władze blokują drzwi mieszkań, aby uwięzić mieszkańców w domach, o Czeczenii, gdzie policja atakuje ludzi za brak maseczek na twarzach, czy o Białorusi, Tadżykistanie i Turkmenistanie, gdzie przywódcy polityczni ignorują problem…
Published 26.04.2020 22:01
In Belarus, mannequins attend Premier League to fill empty stands.
As local fans began to ignore stadiums, a football club Dynamo Brest came up with an idea to sell virtual tickets online to supporters and in return, photos of their faces were printed and pasted on mannequins in football shirts. The money raised will be donated towards fighting the pandemic.
Published 26.04.2020 20:29
In Belarus, volunteers deliver medical protection and oxygen concentrators to hospitals.
The campaign, #ByCovid19, brings together a charity and publishing platform, activists, bloggers, and web designers who started collecting money and requests for help. Private businesses joined. They now find and buy medical supplies to fill up shortages in hospitals across the country. 
Published 26.04.2020 14:15
In Belarus, pet sitters are offering their services for free during the pandemic.
On a popular website petsitters.by, which is a platform to connect pet owners with those who are doing a pet sitter job for money, the latter decided to help with dog sitting and pet care voluntarily. This includes situations such as when a person was taken to a hospital and…

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