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Published 21.06.2020 17:57
Brussels Airlines has published a list of guidelines for travellers.
If a passenger feels ill, he or she needs to contact the airline company to rebook the trip. Every passenger has to wear a mask throughout the journey. Additional measures are introduced to control hand baggage allowance. At Brussels Airport, meeting and greeting inside the airport building is not allowed.…
Published 25.05.2020 12:56
In Belgium, clinical psychologist Elke Van Hoof launched a website with techniques from the field of trauma therapy.
It is an online intervention that consists of videos and exercises. As it is explained on the website, it is found on Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol, which are used to deal with stress in crisis situations and to improve mental resilience.
Published 25.05.2020 12:52
In Belgium, Mayors of some coastal towns agreed to reopen beaches in phases.
Ten mayors of the coastal municipalities discussed an exit-plan for the summer. They proposed to allow people with a second residence to return from 18 May, and apartments tenants from 8 June if the number of patients infected continues to decrease. Belgium’s Phase 2 is scheduled for 18 May, as…
Published 25.05.2020 07:30
In Belgium, the “Covid tracer” job has emerged amidst the pandemic.
Covid-19 patients after testing positive are interviewed by telephone to trace their contacts. Dozens of operators make calls and track patients from a Brussels-based call center, N-Allo, which has partnered with the government for this initiative. With a population of 11.5 million people and 9,280 deaths in late May, Belgium…
Published 13.05.2020 16:14
In Brussels, Belgium, an European Parliament building housed 100 homeless women, victims of abuse.
The European Parliament together with Samusocial Brussels, an organization working against exclusion, turned its offices into bedrooms to settle needed women. Several of the shelters for abused women have had to close due to the lockdown. The European Parliament buildings are empty because the sessions were suspended at least until…
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Published 26.04.2020 21:26
In the UK, France, Belgium and Spain, police use drones with loudspeakers during the lockdown.
The British government increased patrols of parks and beaches to prevent people from violating the lockdown during Eastern. EU authorities are using drones made by China’s DJI Technology. Previously, drones had also been flown in China to issue warnings. A footage shared by Chinese newspaper Global Times showed drones asking…
Published 26.04.2020 13:36
In Belgium, robots are helping the elderly to connect with their families during pandemic.
Initially, the Belgium robotics firm, called Zorabots, has used 60 of its robots for this initiative. Visits to nursing homes are prohibited, as one of the measures taken to stop the spread of the virus. Nursery homes in Europe are facing a shortage of medical supplies.

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