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Published 19.06.2020 14:32
In Bolivia, storekeepers have installed hand washers at the entrance to supermarkets.
Customers must wash their hands before entering the establishments to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They are foot-operated washing hands basins to prevent people from touching the taps.
Published 08.06.2020 15:12
In Bolivia, a biologist raises money to help indigenous people during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Biologist Ninostka Burgoa has bought masks, gloves, and soap for the indigenous people of the Biosphere Reserve of Biological Station in Beni.
Published 22.05.2020 13:07
In Bolivia, Teatro Municipal is showing online performances.
In May, the Alberto Saavedra Pérez Municipal Theater in La Paz returned to show artistic performances, but with virtual transmission. Virtual viewers must purchase five dollar tickets to enjoy the performances. The profits aimed at helping artists, which has been especially affected by the cultural break. La Paz Folkloric Ballet…
Published 05.05.2020 17:55
In Bolivia, architect Jaime Soria Galvaerro created a foot pedal-operated hand wash machine.
Users should only pedal for dispensing soap and pumping water from the tap. The aim is to prevent the tap or dispensing soap from being touched by hands. The prototype can be used in hospitals, banks and other public places.
Published 05.05.2020 16:11
In Bolivia, female peasant leaders explain in rural areas the risks of the Covid-19 pandemic.
About 400 Aymara and Quechua women voluntarily explain population ways to protect themselves against the novel coronavirus. They belong to the Center for the Integral Development of Aymara Women (Cdima). In addition, they launched a campaign on social media and materials in the Aymara and Quechua languages to promote hygiene…
Published 05.05.2020 15:09
In Bolivia, the police are teaching in Quechua language how to properly use gloves and masks.
The officers collected food and protection materials thanks to donations from solidarity neighbors and distributed them among remote areas. In peripheral neighborhoods in the Cochabamba city, police delivered the goods and protective items and taught the population how to use them.
Published 27.04.2020 11:21
The Bolivian Society of Engineers launched a competition on responses to Covid-19.
The competition targets the country’s engineers. Among the 130 projects submitted, the winning projects consist of the App Covid-19 Salud by Juana Orozco, the project Pro-Respirador Gertrude by Luis Alberto Soliz and a Disinfection Arc by Roberto Carlos Pacheco.

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