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Published 27.06.2020 15:03
In Botswana community members have come together to build a hand washing station at a local school.
Community members from Siviya Village, in the North-East District of Botswana, have come together to build a hand washing station at Siviya Primary School. The Project was initiated by community members after speaking to the school Head Teacher. They then used WhatsApp to rally other members of their community to…
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Published 24.06.2020 14:09
Botswana’s capital city was put under lockdown again after suspected Covid-19 cases were discovered.
Gaborone and surrounding towns and villages in Botswana went back to a total lockdown for three days. This came after 16 probable cases of Covid-19 were discovered in the capital at a time when the country was only left with one active case. The lockdown was aimed at affording health…
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Published 10.06.2020 11:34
In Botswana the government will provide support for citizens stranded abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The country’s president Mokgweetsi Masisi, announced that the country would help repatriate citizens who are stranded abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first group of repatriated citizens is due to arrive in the country on the 3rd Of June 2020. The country has also committed to providing financial support…
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Published 01.06.2020 09:15
Botswana has established Covid-19 Zones.
The country lifted its national lockdown on the 21st of May 2020 with nine active cases. The government has now established nine Covid-19 zones and 13 checkpoints across the country. Residents can now move freely within their zones but will require permits for inter-zonal movements.
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Published 30.05.2020 12:45
In Botswana the government has announced that artists and athletes will receive a Covid-19 allowance.
An allowance of P2500 (US$ 205) per month has been set aside for premier league football players and all professional artists registered with the Copyright Society Of Botswana(Cosbots) for a period of three months. The allowance will act as a relief grant due to loss of earnings resulting from the…
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Published 25.05.2020 17:01
Botswana President and Cabinet Ministers launch facemask challenge.
The President, Vice President, and Ministers of, Presidential Affairs, Health, and Investment have released a video, fashioned after the viral #don’trush challenge, showing each of them wearing different kinds of face masks and encouraging citizens to wear their own masks. This comes after the country has made it compulsory for…
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Published 18.05.2020 14:54
In Botswana, United States actor and comedian Steve Harvey has donated 5 tonnes of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Steve Harvey visited Botswana in 2019 at the invitation of the president of the country. The donated equipment which includes masks, gowns, and goggles which arrived in the country on the 5th of May will be distributed nationwide by the Covid-19 task force. Harvey first visited the country in 2019…
Published 09.05.2020 20:01
In Botswana, a teenage girl is organizing a series of talks to help parents and peers cope with the lockdown.
The talks are held every week live on Facebook and organized by 18 year old model and influencer, Sakshi Bhargava, under her Able Hearts charity in conjunction with Psychologist/ Psycho-social counsellor Mrs Tumi Sedimo. They look at what parents can do to help teenagers cope with the implications of the…
Published 09.05.2020 19:01
In Botswana, members of the public will be required to put on masks in public places from the 8th of May.
The government will be starting the gradual easing up of the lockdown regulations. In the wake of news there have been questions on the availability of masks in the market, but the Director of Health Services, Dr Malaki Tshipayagae has assured Batswana that homemade cloth masks are adequate.
Published 07.05.2020 19:28
In Botswana, De beers Group, a diamond company, has donated a machine capable of 150 coronavirus tests per day.
De Beers Group donated a state-of-the-art covid-19 testing machine to the Government of Botswana. The highly sought-after testing machine, with a value of 1.7 million Pula (US$140, 000), forms part of De Beers Group’s support for the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The machine is being installed at the…

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