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Published 22.06.2020 17:00
In Colombia, six jails hold online its prison theater festival due to the pandemic.
The 4th Carcerário Theater Festival aimed at helping inmates resocialize. This is the fourth edition of this festival, which took place between June 15 and 20. This year the plays were recorded and posted online to prevent from putting inmates at risk. The prisons that participated in this online festival…
Published 22.06.2020 09:06
In Colombia, businessmen and entrepreneurs set to hold the first national tourism fair in August.
“Travel Fest Colombia” aims to help the tourism sector to recover economically from the pandemic in accordance with biosafety protocols.
Published 10.06.2020 11:25
In Colombia, women help other women who are victims of violence during quarantine.
Violence against women increased in Colombia during social isolation. Call center 155 has seen a 103% increase in calls since the quarantine began on March 25. Thus, 40 women from the “Red Solidaria de Mujeres” have offered legal and psychological guidance to the victims.
Published 06.06.2020 08:07
In Colombia, an artist offers free art classes on Instagram and paints portraits in masks.
Ányelo López started using Instagram to teach art every Monday during the pandemic. In addition to classes, López paints portraits of famous artists such as Frida Khalo and Salvador Dali in protective masks. According to the painter, the initiative has encouraged people to reflect on the importance of protection to…
Published 04.06.2020 10:30
In Colombia, a psychologist launched “#covibook”, a children’s book on the pandemic, in 25 languages.
The author, Manuela Molina, explains on her website, that this book is an invitation for families to discuss the feelings regarding the lockdown and pandemic in the current situation. It is intended for children under 7 years old and it is translated in 25 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and…
Published 26.05.2020 16:25
In Colombia, craftswomen manufacture embroidery masks.
Women in the city of Mampuján have had their handicraft sales hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic. They started sewing embroidery masks to sell on the internet. They consulted epidemiologists to find out which fabric is safer to protect against Covid-19 and they are being advised to keep the business online…
Health, Inclusion,
Published 25.05.2020 07:30
In Colombia, ex-combatants from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc-EP, Spanish acronym) sew masks.
Former members of the FARC-EP who are in the process of reintegration in Anorí city were making t-shirts and ponchos as the pandemic emerged so they started sewing masks. 1,000 masks have already been manufactured to be distributed to the vulnerable population. The FARC-EP was a paramilitary guerrilla movement involved…
Published 24.05.2020 09:07
In Colombia, Venezuelan immigrants deliver lunch boxes to the vulnerable population.
Jorge de la Fuente is a deserter from the Bolivarian Guardía Nacional in Venezuela who migrated to Colombia. When quarantine began in Bogotá, the Colombian capital, Jorge started cooking and donating lunch boxes to the vulnerable population on the streets. Angie Gómez, Jorges’ wife and his brother, Cristian de la…
Published 19.05.2020 15:30
In Colombia, a company creates a bot to answer questions about Covid-19.
Ninus Design & Technology developed Vidabot that quickly answers questions and updates people on the decrees issued by the Colombian government to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the project is to minimize misinformation.
Published 13.05.2020 16:00
In Colombia, Medellín subway staff created an initiave to help pay the transport of people who continue to work.
The name of the project is Viajes de Gratitud and it consists of raising money to put credit on workers’ personalized travel cards.

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