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Published 20.06.2020 11:48
The Democratic Republic of Congo will receive €19,5 million in funding from the European Union.
The humanitarian aid is to assist the country in the fight against Covid-19. Funds will be used to support information and awareness-raising activities and access to health care for underprivileged communities. The EU is also assisting aid organizations to reach people in remote parts of the country through its humanitarian…
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Published 17.06.2020 15:48
In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), journalists have launched a website highlighting challenges faced by people in the DRC during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The website, Congo in Conversation highlights the human, social and ecological challenges faced by Congolese as they battle Covid-19, Ebola and measles. The project is a collaboration between journalists and photographers based in the country, Foundation Carmignac and a Canadian-British photographer Finbarr O’Reilly.
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Published 07.06.2020 11:55
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a designer has launched a 3D fashion show.
Anifa Mvuemba hosted the 3D virtual fashion show live on Instagram to allow her to adhere to the new rules of social distancing. The show did not include a physical audience or any real models; she instead used 3D models to showcase her latest collection while adhering to lockdown rules.
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Published 06.06.2020 16:02
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, UNICEF has ordered 1 million masks for vulnerable populations.
The organization has engaged local associations to produce non-medical reusable masks to be distributed to both adults and children in communities that are vulnerable to Covid-19. When procuring the masks the organization engaged “young people and women from the country’s most vulnerable groups, including people living with disabilities, young girls…
Published 26.05.2020 18:02
In Congo, Designer Anifa Mvuemba used 3D digital models to launch her latest collections online.
This designer from the Democratic Republic of Congo decided to launch her new collection, the Pink Label Congo, on Instagram due to the lockdown. Through her work, the designer aims to show the beauty of Congo but also to raise awareness of illegal mining. Mbuemba started the fashion show with…
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Published 20.05.2020 09:56
Non-profit delivers masks for the vulnerable in Africa and gives jobs to local tailors
A non-profit organisation African Masks distributes cloth masks in several countries across Africa. While some governments introduced compulsory mask-wearing, many impoverished communities cannot afford a mask. Teams of African Masks volunteers distribute masks to the most vulnerable and populated communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Senegal, Kenya, Benin and Nigeria.
Published 27.04.2020 06:40
In the Republic of Congo, Congolese artisans, traders are getting free face masks.
The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, and Trades (CCIAM) of Pointe-Noire is distributing craft masks to traders and artisans, to assist in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Pointe Noire is the second largest city of the Republic of the Congo after the capital Brazzaville. It is also a…

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