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Published 16.06.2020 14:10
In Cuba, ElToque and Periodismo de Bairro have launched a fact-cheking bot about Covid-19.
COVIDE is a computer program created by Cuban developers Abraham Calas and José Carlos Oliva. It has been lauched by ElToque and Periodismo de Bairro. It provides a bot for Telegram and WhatsApp so that the public can quickly and easily search for proven news and prevent from spreading nmisinformation.
Published 16.06.2020 13:12
In Cuba, a chemical engineer is manufacturing disinfectant.
Clara Camalleri  used to make perfumes, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she switched her production to disinfectant gel. This engineer and perfumer is selling the product, but she also donates them to those who need it.
Published 16.06.2020 12:10
In Cuba, entrepreneurs are using WhatsApp to continue with their business during the pandemic.
The Dale & Dale gym, for example, is renting exercise bikes to its customers and offering free WhatsApp classes so they can be used correctly at home. The School of Creative Photography in Havana is offering online classes and using WhatsApp to maintain communication with students.
Published 15.06.2020 11:48
In Cuba, “Yo si te creo” movement is helping women victims of domestic violence.
The group of activists and experts against gender violence has provided a WhatsApp number to help women during the Covid-19 pandemic. Victims receive psychological assistance and legal advice. There is a protocol to handle each type of case.
Published 08.06.2020 07:16
In Cuba, tens of thousands of family doctors, nurses and students are visiting door to door every household across the island.
Cuba, the country with the highest doctor-to-patient ratio in the world, is using its human resources for a massive quick identification of cases, contact tracing and quarantine in isolation centres. Despite the fact it closed its border later than other countries in the region, the cases have decreased.
Published 02.06.2020 15:09
In Cuba, a LGBT collective is accompanying trans women and people with HIV / AIDS during the pandemic.
The Casa Tomada MirArte group started making masks and soaps in May with the support of Alianza Afrocubana to donate to poor communities in Havana. They also deliver food and hygiene products, in addition to accompanying vulnerable people such as trans women, with HIV / AIDS and the elderly during…
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Published 25.05.2020 12:42
In Cuba, Saharawi refugee medical students visit people to talk about Covid-19.
Umajutha and Maglaha are from families in Western Sahara, in North Africa, and were born in the Saharawi refugee camp in Algeria. Refugees in Cuba, they study medicine at the Pinar del Río University of Medical Sciences. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, they visit families to check people’s health and…
Published 27.04.2020 18:52
Cuba sent 52 doctors and nurses to Italy to help during the pandemic, as they already did in Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake or in West Africa during the Ebola pandemic in 2014.
Jamaica, Granada, Suriname, Nicaragua or Venezuela have also received Cuban doctors during the Covid-19 crisis, according to the Cuban official press. For nearly 60 years, Cuba has sent healthcare professionals around the world. The first time was to Algeria in 1963, during the territorial conflict with Morocco.
Published 27.04.2020 05:46
In Cuba, the group #YoSíTeCreo supports women who are experiencing sexist violence.
The group #YoSíTeCreo en Cuba offers psychological and legal guidance for women who are experiencing abuse during the lockdown. In addition, they made available a free telephone number, an email account and WhatsApp for emergencies. They recommend women who are experiencing abuse to agree to a keyword with a trusted…
Published 27.04.2020 05:35
In Cuba, a restaurant partnered with a the scooter club to deliver food to the elderly.
Juanky’s Pan, a burger restaurant in Havana, Club de Motos Eléctricas (the Scooter Club) and Mandao, a Cuban courier service came together during the pandemic to deliver food to the most vulnerable population. Other restaurants in the city are also supporting the elderly, such as he Cafe Crystal restaurant, in…

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