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Published 27.06.2020 15:00
In Ecuador, owners of construction stores have created a collective website to sell during the pandemic.
Owners of hardware stores and other construction businesses created the Ferrimax website for those salespeople who do not have a website. Thus, they can continue selling their products online and deliver to the customer’s home.
Inclusion, Lockdown,
Published 26.06.2020 18:32
In Ecuador, a teacher goes by bicycle to the homes of students who do not have internet.
Professor Carolina Espinoza rides the streets of Playas, in the Guayas province, by bicycle, to teach each student who cannot study on the internet. She takes a blackboard, wears a mask, and keeps her distance from students to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Published 16.06.2020 14:15
In Ecuador, a farmer is donating milk to vulnerable people.
Farmer Álvaro Rámon obtained permission to leave the streets of the city of Huamboya during social isolation and he delivered 50 liters of milk to 20 families. This action helped both low-income households and this farmer who did not despair the milk that he was unable to sell to supermarkets…
Published 06.06.2020 10:34
In Ecuador, clothing stores reopen with fitting room rules to prevent Covid-19 contamination.
The new rules include: a person who permanently supervises the good use of the changing rooms, only one person can enter at a time and washing the hands before entering is mandatory, in addition, customers must keep at least two meters separation in the queue
Published 29.05.2020 15:28
In Ecuador, the “En que ayudo” website connects people during quarantine.
Users can offer or receive help in several situations, for example, delivering purchases from a supermarket or a pharmacy to those who cannot leave the house, donating or exchanging products, offering psychological help, helping with pets, etc. 
Published 25.05.2020 07:14
In Ecuador, a Venezuelan doctor visits the population to talk about how to prevent Covid-19.
Immigrant Samuel Suárez works at a clinic in Guayaquil in the morning and in the afternoon visits patients to check if they have Covid-19 symptoms and to explain how the disease is prevented. In March and April, the doctor also visited vulnerable families in rural areas in the north of…
Published 05.05.2020 16:39
In Ecuador, the NGO Kahre Org provides food and medical supplies.
Khare Org is the humanitarian assistance program in emergencies and disasters of the Karla Morales Foundation. They provide assistance after earthquakes and other disasters. During the pandemic, they launched a children food program that provides more than two meals per day for 100 kids in a door-to-door project. They also…
Published 26.04.2020 13:50
In Ecuador, GC website created a virtual memorial to honour those who died.
The section, called “Voces para la Memoria” (“Voices for Memory”) allows relatives of the deceased after March 14 during the pandemic to fill out a form and contribute to create a collaborative memorial. In Ecuador, there is a waiting list for the bodies to be collected and the fear of…

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