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Published 26.06.2020 18:44
In Egypt the World Bank will provide US$ 400 million for Health Insurance.
The bank announced that it will support the country in its fight against Covid-19 by providing US$400 million to support universal health coverage. The funds will be used to increase the capacity of the country’s universal health insurance system and to provide temporary support for out of pocket costs associated…
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Published 10.06.2020 11:31
In Egypt hotels have been allowed to start operating at 25% occupancy as of May 31.
The government has allowed hotels that meet strict health and safety requirements to resume operations with a reduced occupancy rate of 25%. This occupancy rate is set to be increased to 50% later in June. All hotels, restaurants, and cafes were closed in March in order to stop the spread…
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Published 07.06.2020 10:02
In Egypt the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) has approved an emergency assistance grant to provide food relief.
The grant of US $500,000 will “provide food relief, and contribute to restoring the livelihoods of vulnerable populations severely affected by Covid-19.” The organization wants to ensure that the country is able to provide effective interventions quickly. Egypt is one of Africa’s hardest-hit countries by the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Published 02.06.2020 13:56
Egypt will start Covid-19 testing in all hospitals in the country.
In an effort to increase their testing capacity, the government announced that the country’s 320 general hospitals will start to test people with Covid-19 symptoms. Those with mild symptoms will await their results at home while those with severe symptoms will be hospitalized.
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Published 20.05.2020 14:24
In Egypt the Government has cancelled exams for students because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Students will instead be assessed based on a project or research paper for each subject. This research or project will be based on what they learned before the country’s lockdown. Their final grade, which will determine whether they move on to the next year, will be made up of marks…
Published 15.05.2020 14:30
In Egypt, a lion tamer has brought his circus show home during pandemic.
Lion Tamer, Ashraf El-Helw, who had to cancel his circus performances due to the country’s lockdown, has brought one of his lions, Gimana home and the two now perform and stream their circus act at home. El-Helw explained that he missed the lion and decided to bring her to his…
Published 26.04.2020 20:35
In Egypt, ads promoting social distancing are aired on the radio and TV.
One of them shows the popular satirical puppet character Abla Fahita appealing not to gather. Another one recommends not to shake hands and kiss so that it doesn’t transmit the virus. The Egyptian authorities were criticised for not being open about the scale of the country’s Covid-19 outbreak.
Published 26.04.2020 11:55
An Egyptian student violinist is offering free concerts to his neighbours on his balcony amid the country’s lockdown.
A student violinist, Mohammed Aly, from the University of Cairo has decided to use his talent to lift spirits during the country’s lockdown. Aly says he noticed that the Covid-19 pandemic is putting a lot of stain on people psychologically and that everyone is very bored staying at home as…

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