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Published 24.06.2020 13:57
In India, 500 train carriages are used as wards in Delhi as a result of the shortage of beds for Covid-19 patients.
This was among a series of decisions taken after a crucial meeting called by the home minister to discuss the Covid-19 situation in Delhi. To cope with the surge in coronavirus infections, the Arvind Kejriwal government plans to use 40 hotels and 77 banquet halls as makeshift hospitals.
Inclusion, Unemployment,
Published 20.06.2020 17:51
In Bangalore, India, a restaurant called Desi Masala is feeding more than 10,000 vulnerable people every day.
Friends and families of the team are also volunteering for this cause. Local police officials and NGOs have joined hands with them. Meals are given to slum dwellers, daily wage and migrant workers, orphanages, old age homes and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike workers.
Published 16.06.2020 16:18
In India, an online collective of “Caremongers” is reaching out to help the elderly and other vulnerable groups.
The group, which now has about 45,000 members, was started by Mahita Nagaraj, a digital marketing professional from Bangalore, in the early days of the pandemic. She got the idea after a few friends living abroad asked her for help checking in with their elderly parents in India. In addition…
Published 15.06.2020 10:49
In India, an automated parking app has partnered with some malls to monitor the entry of customers.
The Delhi-based start-up Park+ generates a mall pass on each client’s phone that must be used to check-in and check out. The app also tracks the body temperature of the customer.
Published 09.06.2020 18:03
In India, doctors are using video calls or WhatsApp chats to consult with patients who have chronic diseases.
The aim is to avoid risks of Covid-19 infection at clinics. Patients could book appointments online and make payments in advance.
Published 31.05.2020 17:35
In Delhi, India, Sahib Gurdwara kitching, a Sikh house of worship, is cooking for thousands during the pandemic.
The complex of this Gurudwara, which is the name of the place of worship for Sikhs, has a kitchen, a hospital, a school, a museum and an art gallery. Since the lockdown began in India on March 25, cooks have been feeding thousands of people.
Published 28.05.2020 10:16
Nearly 15,000 stranded Indians were evacuated from abroad starting May 7.
Indian diplomatic missions around the world have started registering citizens who were stranded when Covid-19-related travel restrictions were put in place by India and other countries. India will bring back those who want to return because they have lost their jobs or to meet their families. The government will operate…
Published 26.05.2020 18:30
India Observatory, an open-source database, launched a map tracking migrants movement in real time and facilities on their routes.
The platform, created by Forest Ecological Security (FES), offers information on transportation and healthcare facilities. It uses information from 55 organisations on the ground, mostly in rural areas. In India, the world’s second-most populous country, the lockdown triggered a mass exodus, forcing millions of rural workers to flee cities by…
Published 26.05.2020 13:21
In India, Wipro founder Azim Premji donatedRs 1,000 crore (€120 million), which is the third-largest billionaire donation in the world toward coronavirus pandemic relief.
The Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro and Wipro Enterprises together have committed an aid of $149 million (Rs 1,125 crore) for tackling humanitarian and health crisis from the pandemic outbreak.
Published 26.05.2020 12:15
In India, the government organized trains to send home hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who were stranded for weeks.
Many people who had migrated from rural areas to large cities have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Since public transport was suspended due to the Covid-19 restrictions, thousands of them had to walk long distances to return.

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