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Published 28.06.2020 19:09
In Japan, an app lets sports fans cheer out loud in the stadium when watching remotely.
The “Remote Cheerer” app was connected to 58 speakers around the stadium to try to create the atmosphere of a normal match. Fans could choose “Clap” or “Cheer” on their app and corresponding sounds will be delivered to speakers on the ground.
Published 28.06.2020 15:10
In Japan, the goverment has released a Covid-19 contact tracing app for iOS and Android.
If a phone user is found to be infected, people who spent at least 15 minutes within a radius of one meter of the person over the past 2 weeks will be notified. These people who get notification will be prompted to seek medical consultation.
Published 24.06.2020 10:14
The Japanese government will provide around $300 million for access to vaccinations in developing countries at low cost via a non-profit.
The government has provided around $95 million to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for the period from 2016 to 2020. Now it is going to donate $ 300 million for extension.
Published 21.06.2020 15:03
Japan’s Medical information provider M3 uses Alibaba’s AI tool to help detect coronavirus pneumonia within a minute.
The diagnostic system can quickly identify Covid-19 in CT scan images. It is expected to expand to hundreds of hospitals in Japan.
Published 21.06.2020 06:01
Japan aims to put Covid-19 vaccine into use by June 2021 as the country strives to be ready to host the Olympics.
The government has designated $1.34 billion for vaccine production and distribution. Japanese firms such as Shionogi&Co. and AnGes Inc. have been developing the vaccines.
Published 12.06.2020 14:10
In Japan, Universal Studios reopened on June 8 but only to annual ticket holders who live in Osaka Prefecture.
The amusement park will gradually lift restrictions and plans to allow all Osaka Prefecture residents and those living in the wider surrounding region to enter.
Published 09.06.2020 13:51
In Japan, the government provides cash handouts of up to $1900 to 430,000 struggling university students.
Students from low-income households will receive $1900 each and others $950 to cover tuition and other costs amid the pandemic.  
Published 09.06.2020 10:00
In Japan, Hitachi seeks to make working from home a new routine for its employees even after the pandemic.
33,000 of its employees are currently working remotely in response to Covid-19. It also wants its employees to work from home for 2 to 3 days per week to reduce half of the people in the office.
Published 09.06.2020 09:52
In Japan, a U.S. military base asked Japanese employees not to send their children to local schools to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
If the Japanese employees keep sending children to schools, they’ll only be permitted to re-enter the base 14 days after their children are not going to schools anymore. Children of U.S. military personnel and U.S. employees at the base are also prohibited from going to the schools.
Published 06.06.2020 16:52
In Japan, amusement parks are partially reopening but they ask guests to prevent screams on thrill rides.
Thrill-seekers will be asked to wear masks at all times to prevent droplets from flying through the air.

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