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Published 26.06.2020 18:47
In Kenya a doctor is providing transport for pregnant women during the country’s curfew.
Dr. Jemimah Kariuki is providing transport for pregnant women who need to go to the hospital during the country’s dusk till dawn curfew. Kariuki explained that she noticed that women were afraid to go to the hospital during the curfew because of the police crackdown on those defying the curfew.…
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Published 25.06.2020 07:41
Kenya Airways plans to resume passenger flights.
The airline wants to resume passenger flights as soon as a ban on international flights is lifted in order to recover revenue lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the airline has been providing cargo services for essential supplies the revenue from this stream of business has not been enough to…
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Published 20.06.2020 10:48
Kenyan runners are set to compete against their Norwegian counterparts in a virtual race.
Kenyan athletes from the Rongai Athletics Club are set to compete with the Ingebrigtsen brothers from Norway in a virtual 2000m race. The competition named the “Impossible Games” will take place on the 11th of June with the two teams racing in two different stadiums in different continents. For the…
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Published 20.06.2020 10:47
In Kenya unemployed professionals have set up a road side market during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Various unemployed professionals who lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic have set up a roadside market in a residential area in Kenya’s Kiambu County. Sellers at the market are selling various items such as herbal supplements and imported used goods from the trunks of their cars. They came up…
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Published 19.06.2020 16:05
In Kenya a radio host is providing Covid-19 updates to refugees in three refugee camps.
Abdullahi Mire, a community organizer, activist, and radio host is using his radio show that broadcasts on weekdays to update refugees leaving in Dadaab, Kenya on the Covid-19 pandemic. He also invites various experts on the subject to dispel myths surrounding the pandemic. Mire has become well known for his…
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Published 15.06.2020 15:47
Kenya to introduce home based care for Covid-19 patients.
Kenya’s Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced that the government will soon introduce home-based care for Covid-19 patients as the country’s isolation facilities are almost full. Patients will start to be released from the isolation facilities once the government has established and published guidelines for home-based care.
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Published 12.06.2020 17:21
In Kenya a nine year old boy has invented a wooden hand washing machine.
Stephen Wamukota from Mukwa village, western Kenya built the machine using wood that his father purchased to build a window frame. The machine uses a foot pedal and a bucket to help people to avoid touching surfaces and taps when washing their hands. Wamukota has since won a presidential award…
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Published 08.06.2020 17:19
In Kenya teachers at a refugee camp are using community radio to ensure students keep up with their studies.
Teachers at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya are now broadcasting their lessons through Radio Gargaar, a community radio station. This is to ensure that the over 100 000 students leaving at the camp are able to keep up with their studies while schools are closed. The project is supported by…
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Published 08.06.2020 15:18
In Kenya a refugee soap maker has lowered the prices of his products.
Innocent Havyarimana, a Burundian refugee and a soap maker living at the Kakuma camp, in Kenya has decided to lower the prices of his products during the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that he realized that everyone needs his products to fight the virus and as such decided to make them…
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Published 28.05.2020 14:14
In Kenya the government plans to set up mobile testing laboratories at the border.
The laboratories will be stationed at Namanga border post in a bid to target truck drivers coming into the country from Tanzania. The mobile laboratories are expected to make the testing process for long haul truck drivers coming into the country faster. This comes after 25 truck drivers tested positive…

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