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Published 24.06.2020 09:13
The South Korean government on June 3 proposed its biggest stimulus package of $29-billion as it seeks to boost the economy.
The package includes the creation of 550,000 jobs and emergency funds to small and medium businesses. It is the third stimulus package announced by the government.
Published 20.06.2020 08:45
South Korea sends 10,000 masks and hand sanitiser to the Navajo Nation to honor their service during the 1950-53 Korean War.
Roughly 800 Navajo men served in the US armed forces during the Korean War, mostly as Code Talkers. Around 130 are still alive today, according to the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of South Korea. The Navajo Nation has been one of the hardest-hit communities in the United States.
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Published 12.06.2020 17:13
South Korea re-imposed some coronavirus restrictions in Seoul after the biggest spike of new infections.
Parks, Museums, art galleries are closed again from May 29 for two weeks. Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said they will have to return to social distancing if they fail to contain this outbreak in the crucial two weeks.
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Published 09.06.2020 11:54
In South Korea, foreign residents of South Korea will have to provide a Covid-19 negative certificate to re-enter the country from June.
The new policy applies to people leaving the country after June. The certificate needs to be issued within the past 48 hours from departure to be deemed valid.
Published 09.06.2020 07:59
South Korea on May 29 imposed limits on the number of pupils going to schools.
Only one third of pupils at kindergartens, elementary and middle schools in Metropolitan Seoul will be allowed to physically attend schools each day. Other pupils will attend schools remotely.
Published 04.06.2020 16:33
In South Korea, places such as night clubs and bars will use QR codes to log visitors in the purpose of contact tracing.
The Health Minister says that they have decided to adopt this electronic register using QR codes so they can collect accurate data on visitors. This move was made after infected patients submitted false personal information.
Published 04.06.2020 08:29
In South Korea, Osang Healthcare Co. is ready to ship the U.S. FDA-approved kits.
They can test 100 million people in the U.S.Osang is in talks with  U.S. distributors to source its kits to states. The firm is capable of making 15 million tests per week.
Published 26.05.2020 09:30
In South Korea, JYP Entertainment, with a roster that includes 2PM and TWICE, made a donation of 500 million won (€372,701) to the Community Chest of Korea.
The amount will be used to purchase equipment such as masks and anti-contamination suits. It will also be used to provide sanitation items to low-income families.
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Published 21.05.2020 19:01
In Iran, a drive-in cinema is operating again since it was banned in the 1979 revolution.
Lifting a 41-years ban, a Tehran parking lot has turned into a drive-in theatre, Associated Press reported. Old-school drive-in cinemas are back in several cities across the world due to the pandemic. This is the case also of Germany, where drive-in movie theaters are booming for movies, church services or…
Published 18.05.2020 15:11
An Asian-American organization donated 1,000 N95 respirator masks from South Korea to first responders in Saddle Brook, U.S.
A Saddle Brook police officer said that the donation was for the government body and the police department who provide continuing support.

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