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Published 25.06.2020 15:43
In Morocco, the government has launched a Covid-19 tracking app.
The contact tracking app named “Wiqaytna,” (which means our protection in Arabic) uses Bluetooth to compile a list of people that the user gets in contact with. Should any of these contacts test positive for Covid-19 in the 21 days following the contact, the app will alert the user and…
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Published 24.06.2020 15:05
In Morocco agricultural workers have been flown back to Italy for work.
Seasonal agricultural workers from Morocco have been flown back to Italy using chartered planes paid for by farmer groups in order to harvest. Italy relies on 350,000 foreign agriculture workers who reside and work in the country from March to November every year. The workers were tested for Covid-19 prior…
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Published 22.06.2020 14:00
In Morocco trams have been “dressed” in face masks to remind Moroccans to wear their masks.
A tram company in Rabat has “dressed” all their trams in facemasks to encourage and remind their passengers to wear their masks.  The Moroccan government has made wearing facemasks in public places compulsory as a means of stopping the spread of Covid-19.
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Published 24.05.2020 15:00
Morocco turns to drones to tackle Covid-19.
The Moroccan government has launched a fleet of drones to assist in their fight against Covid-19. The drones will be used for aerial surveillance, sanitization and to make public service announcements. The country has previously used drones to track unauthorized movements and gatherings during their lockdown.
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Published 19.05.2020 18:20
In Morocco, an e-learning and knowledge sharing platform for African Medical Teams has been launched.
The platform is a collaboration between the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), and the Moroccan Society of Anaesthesia, Analgesia, and Resuscitation (SMAAR). The platform provides online training, coordination, virtual meetings, sharing of best practices, crucial lessons, and access to training and communication materials…
Published 15.05.2020 17:13
In Morocco, engineers and doctors have invented an intelligent mask that allows users to detect Covid-19.
The mask which acts as a protective barrier was made using 3D printing technology and is able to measure temperature, the pressure of the respiratory cycle and the amount of oxygen in the blood. It can also be linked to a tracking application “Trackorona” which can be used to predict…
Published 15.05.2020 17:07
In Morocco, the government has called for the development of digital platforms for receiving complaints of violence against women.
The government has further called for such cases to be given priority and for the necessary protection measures stipulated by the law to be implemented. UN Women has warned that since the pandemic has started violence against women and girls and in particular domestic violence has intensified.
Published 15.05.2020 16:30
Morocco has become a major global exporter of face masks.
This is mainly due to the government initiative that requested several textile companies to exclusively produce face masks and other protective gear in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The country now produces 7 million masks per day. They are able to meet their national demand and also export to European…
Published 26.04.2020 11:52
In Morocco the president has pardoned over 5000 prisoners to curb spread of Covid-19.
King Mohammed VI on Sunday pardoned 5,654 inmates to prevent Covid-19 from contaminating Moroccan prisons, the Justice Ministry announced. The pardoned detainees were selected according to their age, state of health, length of detention and good conduct. Their release will take place in stages, taking into account the exceptional circumstances…

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