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Published 08.06.2020 12:19
In Niger refugees have set up a mini-factory for hygiene products at an emergency transit mechanism (ETM) centre.
The refugees are producing bars of soap, liquid hand wash, bleach, and water containers for free distribution to fellow refugees and the local community. The project was initiated in 2019 by UNHCR as a means of teaching women at the center new skills however at the onset of the Covid-19…
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Published 27.05.2020 10:04
In Niger, places of worship have reopened after a two month closure due to Covid-19.
The government has lifted the country’s ban on religious gatherings but has urged religious leaders to ensure that safety measures such as hand washing, disinfecting, wearing masks and social distancing are observed during such gatherings. They further warned that the ban could be reinstated if Covid-19 cases increase as a…
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Published 19.05.2020 16:20
Niger launches chat-bot on WhatsApp to answer Covid-19 queries.
The free service provides accurate information on Covid-19 24 hours a day. Dr. Idi Illiassou Maïnassara, Minister of Public Health, explained that the chat-bot will also help to “combat rumors and provide the public with reliable and credible information and practical advice to protect them from the virus.” The project…
Published 15.05.2020 14:47
In Niger, the Association of Traditional Chiefs launched a sensitization campaign in Niamey, the largest city of the country.
UNICEF Niger accompanied the President of the Association of Traditional Chiefs during the visit. The social structure is hierarchical in Niger and traditional leaders are key to raise awareness in the society. Traditional and religious leaders and respected people in the communities are working together in awareness campaigns.

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