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Published 28.06.2020 14:18
In Peru, “Mujeres Emprendedoras” project is helping women to keep with their own businesses.
The “Mujeres Emprendedoras” project offers advice on financial management, savings plans, and sales optimization to save business for hundreds of women affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Published 23.06.2020 11:37
In Peru, a Venezuelan immigrant is manufacturing a hand washing basin for construction workers.
Antonio Torres Núñez lives in Lima, the capital of Peru, and had the idea of making the pedal-operated basin to allow workers to wash their hands during the construction work.
Published 14.06.2020 10:32
In Peru, adoption of cats and dogs increased during quarantine.
Some NGOs that take care for abandoned animals have interviewed people interested in adopting by video call. The animals are also presented by video.
Published 07.06.2020 14:57
In Peru, a clown records videos to entertain children during the quarantine.
Gonzalo Alexander Damián Rojas, known as the Bolita clown, has been out of work for more than 60 days due to the pandemic. However, it is recording children’s shows to make them happy. The target audience is residents of poorer areas. This clown is recording the videos using his cell…
Published 07.06.2020 10:59
In Peru, a psychologist disguises himself as a clown to chat online with children during quarantine.
Alain Madueño became the clown Doctor Pepo and together with a puppet called Pepito talks about self-esteem and healthy coexistence during the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The psychologist uses his personal Facebook profile to interact with the children.
Published 06.06.2020 15:56
In Peru, a priest donates medicine to victims of Covid-19.
Father José Manuel Zamora Romero promotes the campaign “Resiste Lambayeque” in the city Lambayeque to deliver medicines to vulnerable families that were infected by Covid-19. The priest also donates biosafety equipment to health professionals in the city.
Published 05.06.2020 15:56
In Peru, a priest from the Catholic Church creates the campaign “share your bread with a hungry person”.
Omar Sánchez is the priest and director of the Association of Beatitudes. He has already donated 143,000 food baskets to vulnerable families during the Covid-19 pandemic. The priest continues to raise funds to donate more food.
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Published 30.05.2020 11:02
In Peru, violet-colored masks are distributed to warn of violence against women.
The #MascarillaVioleta campaign was launched by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to protest against violence against women as part of the “No estás sola” (meaning “You are not alone) initiative. In fifty days of mandatory quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 28,000 calls for help were answered,…
Published 28.05.2020 15:06
In Peru, women sew masks embroidered with Sarhuino art.
Traditional artists Venuca Evanan, Violeta Quispe Yupari, and Gaudencia Yupari thought about sewing tmasks with drawings of the Ayacucho region’s culture to send a message of hope and optimism during the Covid-19 pandemic. Selling these masks are also providing economic support to their families during the pandemic.
Published 28.05.2020 13:08
In Peru, educational material is broadcast on television, radio and the internet to allow pupils continue studying during quarantine.
The project was launched by the Ministry of Education and it is called “Aprendo em Casa”. It is broadcast on TV Perú, Canal IPe, and Rádio Nacional, in addition to 335 local radio stations. Classes are taught in several languages, including Spanish and Awajún, Ashaninka, Aymara, Shipibo-Konibo, Yanesha, Wampis, Shawi,…

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