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Published 28.06.2020 08:02
In South Africa a biotech company is producing antibodies from alpacas to fight Covid-19.
Cape Town-based biotech company Afrobodies, is producing antibodies that can prevent Covid-19 from entering human cells. The antibodies developed from alpacas and are able to bind to the Covid-19 virus and prevent infection. Though the results have been proven by scientists from Scotland the company says more tests are needed…
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Published 26.06.2020 18:28
In South Africa a train is providing mobile Covid-19 screening.
The “Train of Hope,” a state-funded mobile health facility has been repurposed to provide Covid-19 screening in virus hotspots across the country. Health care workers and volunteers are now using the train to reach remote areas of the country and provide much-needed screening and testing services.
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Published 25.06.2020 17:48
In South Africa a school has installed DIY screens to stop the spread of Covid-19.
Educators at the Dr. GJ Joubert Primary School in Cape Town have built and installed DIY screens to stop the spread of Covid-19. The screens made from wood and plastic supplied by staff members have been placed on the pupil’s desks. Teachers at the school came up with the initiative…
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Published 24.06.2020 17:08
In South Africa’s Eastern Cape a motorbike service has been launched to fight Covid-19.
The health department has acquired 100 motorbikes with sidecars to transport patients to health facilities. The motorbikes will also be used by health workers to provide mobile health services in the mostly rural province. Health officials believe the motorbikes will increase access to healthcare and help fight Covid-19 as many…
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Published 23.06.2020 13:35
In South Africa some schools have been shut down after pupils and teachers test positive for Covid-19.
31 schools in the Eastern Cape of South Africa were shut down on the 11th of June after 20 people tested positive for Covid-19. The Department of Education explained that the schools will be closed while the department works on disinfecting and contact tracing. This closure comes three days after…
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Published 18.06.2020 16:17
In South Africa a pharmaceutical retailer is offering free Covid-19 testing to the unemployed.
A pharmaceutical retailer, Dischem has committed to offering unemployed South Africans without medical aid free Covid-19 testing. To access the test one has to phone in to apply for the service or receive a referral from their family doctor. Once approved the company will send a voucher and directions to…
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Published 17.06.2020 15:51
In South Africa the government has agreed to pay private hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients.
The government has agreed to pay private hospitals and health practitioners a daily fee of up to 16,000 rands (US $950) to treat severely ill Covid-19 patients in the likely event that public hospitals run out of critical care beds. The fee will cover the bed fee, specialist fees, pathology,…
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Published 14.06.2020 18:37
In South Africa’s Western Cape Province health officials will now focus on testing the elderly for Covid-19.
The province has announced that they will now focus their testing on those aged 55 and above as they are the ones who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill. By focusing on vulnerable groups the province hopes to offer speedy interventions to save lives. The Western Cape Province…
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Published 14.06.2020 08:36
In South Africa the government has relocated some people living in informal settlements.
70 vulnerable families from Wilgespruit Township, just outside Johannesburg have been relocated to wooden chalets for free. The move is aimed at ensuring that Covid-19 does not spread in the overcrowded township with no running water and electricity.
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Published 13.06.2020 08:22
In South Africa the High Court has ordered the government to overhaul some lockdown restrictions.
The court ruled that some of the country’s lockdown restrictions are “unconstitutional and invalid.” The ruling further stated that such restrictions were “irrational” and were not connected to slowing the rate of infection or limiting its spread. The court has given the government 14 days to change the rules around…

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