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Published 28.06.2020 19:08
Taiwan is going to share mobile technology with other countries to combat Covid-19.
A health management APP will use artificial intelligence and GPS technology to help users to manage their own health.  Another social distancing APP will use Bluetooth technology to help minimize virus transmission.
Published 22.06.2020 14:06
Taiwan plans to use stimulus coupons to boost consumer spending by $3.3 billion this year. 
Citizens can pay $33 to the government to get $100 worth of cash-equivalent. The coupon can be spent in most shops.
Published 17.06.2020 15:24
Taiwan is using viral memes and animal mascots to inform the public about important safety information.
The country has communicated with citizens through humorous stunts and digital campaigns and these posts can be seen on places such as Taiwan Premier’s Facebook or its Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook account.
Published 16.06.2020 15:24
Taiwan started easing its restriction related to control of Covid-19.
Taiwan CDC said it will lift restrictions limiting the number of people who could participate in daily life and leisure events such as concerts or movies. The government also resumed food service on trains.
Published 06.06.2020 10:47
Taiwan lifted the ban on mask exports starting on June 1.
Eight million masks per day will be requisitioned from the government, and the remaining masks will be open for the public to purchase or export. This action will benefit foreign needs.
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Published 03.06.2020 14:26
The Taiwanese government is working with Stanford University in California to test a new global travel quarantines.
They are testing whether quarantine periods might safely be shortened. Volunteer participants will fly from San Francisco to Taiwan in June. 500 volunteers will be laced in an experimental group that gets testing and another 500 will be in a control group that doesn’t get testing before flying.
Published 29.05.2020 16:01
In Taiwan, junior high school students were required to wear masks and have their temperatures checked during the two-day high school entrance exams.
More than 210,000 were taking the exams and those who were found with a fever were separated from other students and sent to designated rooms to take the exams.
Published 25.05.2020 13:02
Taiwan will start a third round of mask donations, giving more than 7 million surgical face masks to countries around the world.
2.28 million masks will be donated to the United States; 1.3 million will be donated to members of the European Union; 1.09 million will go to Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies; 1.8 million will be sent to 18 countries in Southeast and South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
Published 22.05.2020 14:15
In Taiwan, 1,000 baseball fans are allowed to watch games in stadiums starting May 8.
Fans must have their temperature checked and wear masks all times. They are not allowed to eat or drink inside the stadiums and they need to practice social distancing at the games.
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Published 12.05.2020 16:46
Taiwan’s Foxconn, which makes Apple iPhones, will make ventilators in the United States to fight against the pandemic.
Foxconn will collaborate with Medtronic to cover design and development of the devices.

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