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Published 26.06.2020 12:40
In Uruguay, a bookshop owner donates food to vulnerable population during a pandemic.
Jorge Artola, the owner of the Diómedes bookstore, delivers food every Tuesday and Thursday. People also get books.
Published 26.06.2020 11:41
In Uruguay, dancers offer dance classes on social media.
Since May, dancers from the Ballet Nacional de Sodre have been teaching people to dance for free. The idea is to help people get physical exercise during the quarantine.
Published 26.06.2020 10:38
In Uruguay, the Ecocinema is projecting films open-air for people to watch from their home windows.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor film screenings show messages of resilience. Organizers use solar energy.
Published 09.06.2020 15:10
In Uruguay, a website helps street vendors to continue selling.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, vendors at open-air markets had sales disrupted. Thus, social media analyst Nacho Castro created the FeriasUY website for street vendors to offer products and publicise contact information of sellers. People order directly from the vendor and receive food at home.
Published 09.06.2020 14:06
In Uruguay, the international airport Carrasco turns into a drive-in cinema.
It is the country’s largest airport and it is located in the capital Montevideo. The flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, films are shown into their facilities every day. The public must stay inside theit cars and distance between the vehicles must be respected. Popcorn orders must…
Published 02.06.2020 14:08
In Uruguay, the Al ‑ Anon support group for relatives of alcoholics offers online meetings during quarantine.
Service through Whatsapp groups or other digital tools are being organized so that people with alcoholism or with a relative suggering do not  have to interrupt their attendance at meetings or feel helpless during the pandemic.
Published 02.06.2020 14:02
In Uruguay, an online platform connects students with volunteers to help them to study.
Called Ayudan2, the site was created to support students who need to study at home during the quarantine. Students can apply for support and a volunteer will help them with their student activities and teaching them.
Published 02.06.2020 13:59
In Uruguay, the Montevideo City Council offers cultural content online.
The council created a virtual page called “Desde Casa” (meaning “From Home) on its own official website that contains theatrical, musical, and museum content. There are some options for children as well.
Published 02.06.2020 12:03
In Uruguay, Teatro Solis offers free online programming during quarantine.
The audience can watch theater plays, operas, conferences, and interviews with artists. One of the plays available is the comedy “As You Like It”, written by the English poet and playwright William Shakespeare.
Published 01.06.2020 15:42
In Uruguay, the University of the Republic of Uruguay teaches how to make a mask at home.
The university created a website called “Te Cuido” (meaning “I Care You”) offering a one-minute video tutorial. In addition to teaching how to make the fabric mask, it shows information about the importance of using masks to prevent Covid-19 and how to use them correctly.

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