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Published 21.06.2020 10:58
In Venezuela, doctors from Médicos Venezolanos Online project are offering free online care.
They are 102 volunteer doctors who arry out at least 1,500 teleconsultations per day free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Published 17.06.2020 15:51
In Venezuela, volunteers of the NGO Convite are delivering food to the elderly.
The NGO created the project “Plan Buen Vecino” when the Covid-19 pandemic started to help the elderly who live in Caracas alone. 1,000 meals are delivered per week.
Published 17.06.2020 10:51
In Venezuela, a photojournalist helping homeless people.
Franyer Nieves, known as Babel, rides around Caracas on a motorcycle to deliver food, medicine, and clothing to vulnerable people. Within two quarantined months, 100 people had received help from Babel.
Published 17.06.2020 08:52
In Venezuela, cyclists are delivering food and medicines to hospitals that are hampered by the country’s shortage of gasoline.
The members of the Urban Cyclists group are helping hospitals in Valencia, a city located in the state of Carabobo, since the quarantine began in March. 500 meals a week are delivered to health center staff.
Published 14.06.2020 18:35
In Venezuela, an NGO installed a cinema screen on the roof of a house.
Activists from the Zona de Descarga organization set up the screen so that residents of the 19 de Abril community could watch movies without leaving their homes during the quarantine. The project is called “Cineplatabanda”.
Published 14.06.2020 15:33
In Venezuela, NGOs raised money to buy cell phones for teachers.
The NGOs Fé y Alegria and Unidos en la Misión created the “Maestro al télefono” campaign to help teachers who need to teach online due to the quarantine and provide them smarth phones to prepare classes and chat with students.
Published 30.05.2020 17:47
In Venezuela, the Catholic Church prepares meals for vulnerable people.
Members of the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Carmen are preparing lunch boxes and delivering them once a week on the street to the vulnerable people in the city of Cojedes.
Published 30.05.2020 16:46
In Venezuela, groups of psychologists and psychiatrists are offering online assistance.
Psychologists Without Borders, Federation of Psychologists of Venezuela, Venezuelan Society of Psychiatry and the Human Foundation are some of the groups that are helping people who need support during the quarantine. Sessions are scheduled via Whatsapp or email and emergency cases are treated urgently.
Published 27.04.2020 09:45
In Venezuela, a doctor launched Coronayuda, a web platform for managing aid to migrants during the pandemic.
The portal serves to support vulnerable populations in the diagnosis of Covid-19 through rapid tests, a short questionnaire and telemedicine consultation. The founder is Anaís Cristina Reyes, a Venezuelan doctor specializing in cardiology at the University of Carabobo.  
Published 27.04.2020 09:35
In Venezuela, psychologists of the Rehabilitarte Foundation offer a crisis intervention strategy by phone.
A team of mental health specialists are supporting the population through a free telephone with the technical support of Unicef. Due to anxiety crises and other difficulties that are occurring due to the coexistence and prolonged failure lockdown, this NGO offers 24-hour assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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