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Published 23.06.2020 13:50
In Poland, a group of programmers from the Geeks4Teachers project is self-organising to help teachers solve issues related to remote learning.
The initiative was started during an online hackathon. More than 160 volunteers have joined the project. They are now contacting schools and teachers to offer their technical support and services for free.
Published 23.06.2020 13:47
In Moscow, personal data of residents that was recorded in the city’s digital permit system will be deleted.
But this will happen only after lawsuits will be resolved. The city’s authorities launched a digital permit system in April to monitor coronavirus patients’ compliance with home isolation. Until June 9, several lawsuits were filed to determine whether this system is legal and over fines that were issued for violations…
Published 22.06.2020 14:22
In Ukraine, a project I can will support business ideas created by women during the quarantine period.
It allocates UAH 500,000 (an equivalent of $18,600) to support five projects with innovative solutions “to reform an existing business given the new realities of the coronavirus,” the project’s website says. All ideas and businesses need to be created and implemented by women.
Published 22.06.2020 14:17
Belarus Free Theatre created a fully fledged play online via Zoom.
Using separate video devices, including smartphones and drones, the play is being broadcast live from Minsk and performed in the homes of its socially distanced, 12-strong ensemble. It is an adaptation of Sasha Sokolov’s experimental novella A School for Fools that was circulated as underground literature in the USSR. The…
Published 19.06.2020 05:15
In Poland, an educational project called Projektor helps students motivate one another and provide tips for studying at home more effectively.
It is a student volunteering project that started the #MontujemyWiedze campaign, translated as “We are building up knowledge.” Students recorded 28 short films that show how to realise and implement interesting ideas at home. Films target schoolchildren older than 6 years and last up to 10 minutes.
Published 18.06.2020 17:44
Polish Red Cross started an information campaign to urge people to disinfect their smartphones during the pandemic.
The campaign is called #PolskaCzystaKomórka, which translates to #PolandCleanSmartphone. The Red Cross members explain that they will record videos and engage influencers in order to reach thousands of young people and show how important it is to disinfect smartphone screens. The popular social networking service TikTok joined the action, the…
Published 18.06.2020 12:16
In Poland, a biotechnological company Scope Fluidics developed a fast test that detects Covid-19.
It has completed the “proof-of-concept” stage of development of the diagnostic panel that enables detection of the coronavirus. Now, the company is going to optimise, analyse and validate the test, and complete the work on the panel. Scope Fluidics was established in 2010 in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of…
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Published 12.06.2020 07:01
Exit Festival in Serbia, which was postponed from July, will be held on August 13-16, with reduced capacity.
Serbian government decided not to cancel the festival and instead to follow health guidelines. The festival in its full format has 55,000 attendees per day and 40 stages. Music festivals around the world have been cancelled or postponed. People who have purchased a ticket for this year’s festival will be…
Published 12.06.2020 06:50
In Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina, volunteers, government and police have organized patrols to serve the elderly.
This city made headlines during the Bosnian War (1992-1995) due to tens of civilians being killed. 26 years later, in Goražde, a grassroot movement of volunteers cooperate and help the vulnerable citizens of the town with a sophisticated system. They organized four teams for serving the elderly the vulnerable population…
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Published 09.06.2020 12:56
Poland delivered a convoy of more than 40 trucks with protective gear to Belarus.
According to the state press agency of Belarus, 45 trucks arrived to Belarus. A transport with 300 tonnes of equipment on board includes, among others, protective masks, helmets, disinfectant liquids, medicines and dozens of ventilators. The value of the transferred funds exceeds €11 mln. In April, Poland already donated an…

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