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Published 15.06.2020 10:44
In Costa Rica, donations are used to help students continue studying during quarantine.
The campaign created by the Tejedores de Sueños Foundation is raising money to pay for internet plans, photocopies, and other educational materials needed for virtual classes of 149 students.
Published 14.06.2020 15:33
In Venezuela, NGOs raised money to buy cell phones for teachers.
The NGOs Fé y Alegria and Unidos en la Misión created the “Maestro al télefono” campaign to help teachers who need to teach online due to the quarantine and provide them smarth phones to prepare classes and chat with students.
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Published 10.06.2020 10:34
In Cameroon UNICEF has made a donation to over 8000 schools.
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) made a donation of hygiene and preventive materials to schools to prepare them for reopening. The donation which consisted of buckets equipped with taps for the storage of water and other sanitary materials will be distributed to over 8000 schools in six regions. Schools…
Published 10.06.2020 08:28
In Brazil, organizations had created a play guide for children up to 6 years old.
The Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation and the Itaú Social Foundation make the guide available for free on the internet. The tips are separated by age group and there are activities for babies who are still a few months old. In addition to suggestions for games, there are videos and…
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Published 08.06.2020 17:19
In Kenya teachers at a refugee camp are using community radio to ensure students keep up with their studies.
Teachers at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya are now broadcasting their lessons through Radio Gargaar, a community radio station. This is to ensure that the over 100 000 students leaving at the camp are able to keep up with their studies while schools are closed. The project is supported by…
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Published 01.06.2020 12:01
In Zimbabwe junior coders and engineers have designed a balaclava mask for school children.
Harare Institute of Junior Coders and Engineers which teaches children computer coding, programming, and software engineering has designed a balaclava face mask for school children. The mask was designed to ensure that children cannot remove it and as such prevent them from touching their faces and sharing masks. The organization…
Published 23.05.2020 15:32
In Brazil, a collective launched a coloring book to entertain children from the outskirt during quarantine.
Despite the rules to prevent the advance of Covid-19, children continue to play on the street in the suburbs of São Paulo. Despite the rules to prevent the advance of Covid-19, children continue to play on the street in the outskirts of São Paulo. A collective of educators and illustrators…
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Published 23.05.2020 07:30
South Sudan releases child detainees to lower prison numbers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
85 child prisoners have been released after the United Nations and UNICEF advocated for their release amid concerns about the overcrowding and hygiene at the prisons. Jean Lieby, Child Protection Chief for UNICEF, explained that all of the children released had been convicted for committing minor offenses mainly due to…
Published 07.05.2020 15:27
In Zambia, Amref Africa Health donates COVID-19 Braille Materials.
Amref Africa Health, a non-governmental organisation that aims to create lasting health change in Africa has donated 3,000 Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials in Braille to cater for the vision impaired. The materials are to be distributed to over 70 reading groups for the visually impaired countrywide.
Published 05.05.2020 15:01
In Peru, Calandria NGO launched the “Paremos Juntos el Coronavirus” campaign (Let’s Stop the Coronavirus Together).
This campaign aims to provide information on measures of self-care, personal hygiene, disinfection of the home and care of family members in Piura city. Social communicators produce materials, gifs and infographics, and advertisements for radio on hygiene, on the importance of staying home during the pandemic and on the symptoms…

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