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Published 17.06.2020 15:51
In Venezuela, volunteers of the NGO Convite are delivering food to the elderly.
The NGO created the project “Plan Buen Vecino” when the Covid-19 pandemic started to help the elderly who live in Caracas alone. 1,000 meals are delivered per week.
Published 11.06.2020 11:00
In Argentina, the National Institute of Social Services for Retirees (PAMI) is monitoring the nursey homes.
The National Institute of Social Services for Retirees, known as PAMI, has been offering health care to the elderly since 1971. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it created the “Residencias Cuidadas” project to organize technical teams and to monitor nursing homes. Under this project, they are also informing families of…
Published 31.05.2020 14:32
In Puerto Rico, residents of a neighborhood in the city of Guánica are tracked by a team of volunteers.
If someone who lives in the Arenas neighborhood has symptoms of Covid-19, a nurse is warned and a doctor makes a teleconsultation and determines whether it is necessary to be tested. Residents are also monitoring people over 65 years of age.
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Published 31.05.2020 13:05
In Ghana, a Second World War veteran is raising money for Covid-19 charities.
Working with a charity called the Guba Foundation, 95 year old Private Joseph Hammond has committed to walking two miles a day for a period of one week. He wants to raise US$600 000 to support vulnerable veterans and frontline workers across the continent. The money raised will be used to…
Published 31.05.2020 11:22
In Puerto Rico, the elderly receive a basic food basket from the community health clinic Prymed.
PryMed is one of the community health clinics that have received donations from the Puerto Rico Community Foundation to support a coronavirus prevention and containment strategy among the elderly. The basic food baskets have non-perishable products which were delivered to the houses of the elderly.
Published 24.05.2020 17:00
In Belarus, the Red Cross and an IT company Onde launched a taxi service that will ride volunteers free of charge.
It will help volunteers deliver medical recipes or grocery products to the elderly. It is a free online service and is based on the company’s new product, the Lolo app. It targets those drivers who want to help but aren’t necessarily ready to deliver groceries on their own.
Published 17.05.2020 18:17
In Myanmar, volunteers from Clean Yangon charity are supporting quarantine centers.
The volunteers are helping the Yangon Public Health Department with the transporting supplies to quarantine centers and they are collecting information of the travelers who returned from overseas. They are also distributing food packages to low-income households and street vendors. Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar.
Published 27.04.2020 13:12
In the UK, Adopt a grandparent campaign intends to combat the loneliness of the elderly at home.
Volunteers need to fill in a form and the organizers will put them in touch with the new ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa’. After that, the new grandchildren and grandparents will have phone calls, share stories and send letters or podscarts each other. It is an initiative of Creating Happiness Daily, a…

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