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Published 26.06.2020 10:38
In Uruguay, the Ecocinema is projecting films open-air for people to watch from their home windows.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor film screenings show messages of resilience. Organizers use solar energy.
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Published 21.06.2020 17:04
In Ghana young women are using radio to dispel myths surrounding Covid-19.
A group of young women from the pan- African Campaign for Female Education Association (CAMFED) are using local community radio programs to dispel myths and fears surrounding Covid-19. One of the women Pearl Nikki Quarmyne explained that they realized that many people in the country were panicking and fearful and…
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Published 21.06.2020 10:58
In Venezuela, doctors from Médicos Venezolanos Online project are offering free online care.
They are 102 volunteer doctors who arry out at least 1,500 teleconsultations per day free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Published 17.06.2020 15:48
In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), journalists have launched a website highlighting challenges faced by people in the DRC during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The website, Congo in Conversation highlights the human, social and ecological challenges faced by Congolese as they battle Covid-19, Ebola and measles. The project is a collaboration between journalists and photographers based in the country, Foundation Carmignac and a Canadian-British photographer Finbarr O’Reilly.
Published 15.06.2020 13:46
The Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has secured 90 million testing kits for the continent.
It has announced that the continent has secured 90 million Covid-19 testing kits to be supplied over the next six months. The organization wants to increase the continent’s testing capacity. So far 3.4 million tests have been conducted in Africa. They want this number to increase to 10 to 20…
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Published 15.06.2020 12:30
In South Sudan the government and IOM are working to establish a point of entry along the border with Sudan.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is working with South Sudanese officials to establish a Point of Entry (PoE) in Wunthou, Renk County, on the country’s border with Sudan. This area has been subject to border disputes which have led to a lack of cross-border cooperation and uncoordinated cross border…
Published 14.06.2020 15:33
In Venezuela, NGOs raised money to buy cell phones for teachers.
The NGOs Fé y Alegria and Unidos en la Misión created the “Maestro al télefono” campaign to help teachers who need to teach online due to the quarantine and provide them smarth phones to prepare classes and chat with students.
Published 14.06.2020 10:32
In Peru, adoption of cats and dogs increased during quarantine.
Some NGOs that take care for abandoned animals have interviewed people interested in adopting by video call. The animals are also presented by video.
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Published 13.06.2020 11:20
In Zimbabwe doctors have taken the government to court over the state of quarantine facilities in the country.
The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has filed an urgent application with the High Court over the state of the country’s quarantine facilities for returning residents. The doctors have criticized the hygiene standards at the facilities and also want the government to put in place measures to…
Published 11.06.2020 17:54
In Africa, Facebook, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement will host a two day Covid-19 digital festival.
The organizations have partnered to launch #AfricaTogether a digital campaign and two-day festival aimed at encouraging Africans to continue with the fight against Covid-19. The festival which will be held from the 4th to the 5th of June will feature musicians, comedians, and Covid-19 first responders and fact-checkers from across…

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