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Published 28.06.2020 10:13
Brazilian researches have deveoped a material that eliminates Covid-19.
The fabric consists of polyester, cotton, and two types of silver microparticles. In laboratory tests, the material managed to eliminate 99.9% of the virus after two minutes of contact. Manufacturers have already applied for a product patent and are in contact with two Brazilian weavers to use the fabric in…
Published 27.06.2020 13:18
In Brazil, a public science and technology organization creates a data repository to help Covid-19 research.
FAPESP, an institution in São Paulo that is one of the main agencies for the promotion of scientific and technological research in the country, launched Data Sharing BR with demographic data and clinical and laboratory exams of patients tested for Covid-19 in the state of São Paulo. The data is…
Published 26.06.2020 14:20
In Argentina, researchers from the National Institute of Industrial Technology are developing fabrics that can be useful to make clothes for health staff.
One of the fabrics is based on chitosan, a biopolymer present in seafood. The second option is made up of nanoparticles of metals such as silver and copper. Both fabrics can inhibit the development of the virus.
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Published 22.06.2020 16:19
In Tanzania the tech community has been mobilised to produce PPE.
Lillian Madeje and Zuweina Farah, organizers of an annual tech conference in Tanzania have mobilized the national tech community to come together to start producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Thus far they have managed to supply 27 hospitals across 6 regions with 3D printed facemasks. They are now looking into…
Published 21.06.2020 15:03
Japan’s Medical information provider M3 uses Alibaba’s AI tool to help detect coronavirus pneumonia within a minute.
The diagnostic system can quickly identify Covid-19 in CT scan images. It is expected to expand to hundreds of hospitals in Japan.
Published 21.06.2020 14:03
In Thailand, a beauty clinic offers mini face masks for clients receiving up close cosmetic treatment during the pandemic.
The mini mask covers nose and mouth only so that clients can have their cheeks exposed for treatment. The clinic has around 100 masks that can be disinfected and reused.
Published 19.06.2020 08:16
Sudan’s authorities say they are working to create a police force to protect health facilities and health workers.
In Sudan, attacks against health workers and hospitals increase amid the pandemic. The move came after doctors across the country threatened to go on strike to pressure authorities to provide protection for health workers and facilities. At least two dozen attacks on health care workers and facilities have taken place…
Published 17.06.2020 08:52
In Venezuela, cyclists are delivering food and medicines to hospitals that are hampered by the country’s shortage of gasoline.
The members of the Urban Cyclists group are helping hospitals in Valencia, a city located in the state of Carabobo, since the quarantine began in March. 500 meals a week are delivered to health center staff.
Published 12.06.2020 10:17
In Argentina, industrial design students manufacture 3D masks.
The group created the FuerzaArg project because of the Covid-19 pandemic to donate masks to healthcare professionals. Volunteers receive a donation to manufacture biosafety equipment.
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Published 09.06.2020 12:56
Poland delivered a convoy of more than 40 trucks with protective gear to Belarus.
According to the state press agency of Belarus, 45 trucks arrived to Belarus. A transport with 300 tonnes of equipment on board includes, among others, protective masks, helmets, disinfectant liquids, medicines and dozens of ventilators. The value of the transferred funds exceeds €11 mln. In April, Poland already donated an…

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