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Published 09.06.2020 18:03
In India, doctors are using video calls or WhatsApp chats to consult with patients who have chronic diseases.
The aim is to avoid risks of Covid-19 infection at clinics. Patients could book appointments online and make payments in advance.
Published 02.06.2020 16:21
Text For Humanity lets people send uplifting texts to support healthcare workers.
They can return the message back. A messaging service called Text for Humanity was created by cloud communications service Sinch in partnership with Mental Health America charity. In fact, it was launched in January to combat online negativity and promote the sharing of positive messages between strangers, as the website…
Published 26.05.2020 18:51
In Belarus, a health symptoms tracker platform helps detect the probability of Covid-19 infection.
It is called Sens Md and it was developed by a technology company Grin IT. The service is free. Its goal is to inform users about Covid-19 specific symptoms, explain when there is a high risk of infection and share recommendations of WHO and other health organisations Ultimately, the platform…
Published 05.05.2020 13:49
In Brazil, researchers from the University of São Paulo created EPISaúde to explain the correct use of personal protective equipment.
This is an initiative of researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP) specialized in biosafety. The website provides information on the types of masks, the most common mistakes, clothing and protective glasses. It also has a catalog of posters with printable illustrations, schematic…
Published 27.04.2020 17:46
In Malaysia, the government launched a free smartphone app called MySejahtera so that people can carry out health evaluations.
The APP provides Covid-19 health guidelines and guidance on actions to be taken. Its health minister said the system would help monitoring Covid-19 cases and the government would be able to mitigate the outbreak.
Published 27.04.2020 16:46
Malawian Student in India develops Covid-19 Dashboard.
A Malawian Student, Chisomo Dhaka, studying in India has developed a Covid-19 Tracker Dashboard. It is a web based platform that provides access to Covid-19 related information in Malawi. The information is captured from credible sources and kept in a database where it is then processed to give more insightful…
Published 27.04.2020 15:54
In Taiwan, the police use a phone-tracking system to make sure those who are under 14-days quarantine stay at home
which keeps Taiwan’s confirmed Covid-19 cases low. All flying back to Taiwan must go into a mandatory 14 days quarantine and they would need to file out their phone numbers and addresses in the airport. Police would be notified if someone breaks quarantine and the one would be fined up…
Published 27.04.2020 15:36
Botswana launches an ePermit platform which will be used to track movement during the country’s current State of Public Emergency.
The Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI) in collaboration with the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) and Covid-19 Presidential Task Force, developed the ePermit platform. Permits are issued to essential service workers and those seeking essential services. It is against the law to move without a permit during…
Published 27.04.2020 15:33
In Brazil, the Federal University of Santa Maria created a non-profit telemedicine platform to combat Covid-19.
The service called Lauduz is free to Santa Maria’s residents, a city in the south of the country, who have mild symptoms of Covid-19 to make medical appointments by video calls. The objective is to decrease the number of people in health centers to reduce the risk of contamination by…
Published 27.04.2020 15:28
The African Development Bank, Jobs for Youth initiative hosted a three-day idea-thon #AfricaVsVirus.
Which brought together, problem solvers, creative minds, health experts, programmers, graphic and web designers in a 72-hour collaborative digital process to address the challenges presented by Covid-19 to African societies, economies and individuals and prototyping tech and non-tech solutions. The idea-thon was held from April 17-19 online. The best solutions…

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