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Published 26.06.2020 18:47
Ugandan startup turns plastic bottles into coronavirus face shields.
A startup called Takataka Plastics is testing a new process to turn plastic waste into construction materials and, most recently, reusable, locally made plastic face shields for medical workers who are fighting Covid-19. Takataka Plastics has been manufacturing in Gulu since March, with 14 staff, having made about 1,200 of…
Published 19.06.2020 07:15
Melitta, the German maker of the original paper coffee filter, retooled its production to make masks.
The company likewise possesses Wolf PVG, which has actually created air filters and also vacuum bags for years, supplying useful expertise and also a supply of the three-ply microfibre required to make masks to a health center requirement. The coffee-filter-shaped masks are produced on the same machine as the filters…
Published 16.06.2020 18:19
In Ghana, a leather shoemaker created a solar-powered hand-washing basin to encourage personal hygiene.
Richard Kwarteng, 32, is a leather shoemaker based in the Ashanti region’s capital city, Kumasi, managed to gather all the necessary supplies to turn an old recycled metal barrel into a solar-powered hand-washing basin to encourage sanitation habits among the neighbourhood. It is set to run on a 25-second timer,…
Published 15.05.2020 11:30
In Somalia, a 21 year old mechanical engineer has invented a homemade respirator to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
The engineer, Mohamad Adawe, who is based in Mogadishu, explained that he invented the device as he noticed that his country has a shortage of respirators and that many health workers had been relying on manual respirators which do not allow for social distancing and increase the risk of infection…
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Published 12.05.2020 16:46
Taiwan’s Foxconn, which makes Apple iPhones, will make ventilators in the United States to fight against the pandemic.
Foxconn will collaborate with Medtronic to cover design and development of the devices.
Published 09.05.2020 11:05
In Colombia, the military industry Indumil began manufacturing medical equipment and supplies.
Indumil is a Colombian based military weapons manufacturer which is run by the Colombian government. One of the equipment that it might be manufactured is an artificial respirator created by Universidad La Sabana.
Published 05.05.2020 12:48
In Brazil, a group of volunteers created “Corona Vida” to deliver face shield to health staff.
They are a collective of volunteer people committed to delivering face mask known as face shield, personal protective equipment to protect that covers the entire face to avoid the contact with mouth, nose and eyes. Those who wish can collaborate with the initiative by becoming a volunteer or making a…
Published 27.04.2020 19:05
In the UK, Mercedes repurposed its entire facility in Northampton to produce a much needed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.
This medical machine helps treat patients with severe respiratory problems. Formula One engine maker Mercedes-AMG HPP teamed with a team of engineers and researchers from University College London. Within one month, 10,000 devices have been delivered to meet the UK government target.
Published 27.04.2020 15:59
In Colombia, members of the University of Antioquia and EIA University developed a low-cost artificial respirator to be used in the treatment against Covid-19.
The estimated cost is $ 1,000 per unit. In China it would cost $ 25,000. The project is also supported by companies.
Published 27.04.2020 15:47
Rwandan Engineers complete the first ventilators made in the country.
Rwandan biomedical engineers from the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali (IPRC) have successfully produced their first ventilator as the country mobilizes more resources to battle Covid-19. A prototype has been unveiled and sources say the ventilator will be released for use soon. The team says the prototype was produced in…

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