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Published 24.06.2020 15:15
UK researchers are to test whether an experimental drug can prevent potentially deadly blood clots associated with Covid-19.
A new drug for preventing lung damage and blood clots in people with coronavirus is set to be trialled in UK hospitals with support from researchers at the British Heart Foundation of Research Excellence at Imperial College London. The drug, TRV027, works to restore the balance and could dampen the…
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Published 24.06.2020 14:55
Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands have signed a contract for pre-orders of 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine currently in development.
The deal was signed with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for a promising coronavirus vaccine currently still in the experimental phase. All EU countries will be able to take part in the program. The vaccine is expected to be finished by the end of 2020.
Published 23.06.2020 17:51
A German biotech company is using yeast to create a vaccine that would bring a permanent end to the coronavirus pandemic.
Based in Langenfeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, ARTES Biotechnology has already used yeast cells to bring a hepatitis B vaccine to market. Yeast, they believe, will help produce proteins that could be used to trigger the production of coronavirus antibodies in humans.
Published 20.06.2020 14:50
Israeli researchers have developed a prototype face mask which can clean itself using electricity provided by a phone charger.
Scientists from the Technion Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering in Haifa say the electricity will heat up a carbon fibre layer and kill off any viruses that have settled on it. They have already filed a patent application for the mask with the aim of making it commercially available…
Published 29.06.2020 09:01
Scientists from Stanford University develop a gene-editing tool that can destroy Covid-19 inside human cells.
The Stanford team partnered up with researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop a technique called prophylactic antiviral CRISPR in human cells, or PAC-MAN. By scrambling the virus’s genetic code, PAC-MAN could neutralise the coronavirus and stop it from replicating inside cells.
Published 18.06.2020 12:16
In Poland, a biotechnological company Scope Fluidics developed a fast test that detects Covid-19.
It has completed the “proof-of-concept” stage of development of the diagnostic panel that enables detection of the coronavirus. Now, the company is going to optimise, analyse and validate the test, and complete the work on the panel. Scope Fluidics was established in 2010 in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of…
Published 27.04.2020 10:25
In Peru, researchers are working on an isolation capsule for patients infected with Covid-19.
This is a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the university Antenor Orrego (UPAO) in Trujillo. The isolation capsule has an automatic assisted breathing device with internet connection to monitor vital indicators.
Published 27.04.2020 07:39
In Germany, The Paul Ehrlich Institute, the medical regulatory body, approved Covid-19 vaccine trials on humans.
Initially, 200 healthy volunteers between 18 and 55 years old will be tested in part A and other 500 in part B. In addition to Germany, previously, China, the United States and the UK already have authorised human trials.

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