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Published 23.06.2020 11:37
In Peru, a Venezuelan immigrant is manufacturing a hand washing basin for construction workers.
Antonio Torres Núñez lives in Lima, the capital of Peru, and had the idea of making the pedal-operated basin to allow workers to wash their hands during the construction work.
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Published 14.06.2020 08:36
In South Africa the government has relocated some people living in informal settlements.
70 vulnerable families from Wilgespruit Township, just outside Johannesburg have been relocated to wooden chalets for free. The move is aimed at ensuring that Covid-19 does not spread in the overcrowded township with no running water and electricity.
Published 04.06.2020 11:00
Parts of London to be closed to cars and congestion charge to rise, as the lockdown loosens up.
Repurposing the city for people, London aims to emerge differently from the pandemic, supporting a low-carbon and sustainable recovery. Works have already started. The Mayor Sadiq Khan said the plans to transform parts of central London would create “one of the largest car-free areas in any capital city in the…
Published 11.05.2020 19:45
Spain implemented a 4-step plan for easing lockdown on May 11, after almost two months of one of Europe’s strictest restrictions.
Each phase will last at least two weeks and will be granted by regions. In Phase 1, museums, gyms and hotels will reopen but their common areas will remain closed and restaurants and terraces will reopen at a third of their capacity. In Phase 2, malls, cinemas and theatres will…
Published 11.05.2020 15:25
In Nigeria, the health Minister has asked homeowners to loan their empty buildings as isolation centres.
The initiave aims at using the empty houses for Covid-19 patients. The houses would be donated to the state for a short period as the country is currently experiencing a shortage of hospital bed space in Lagos, Kano and Abuja due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Published 27.04.2020 15:45
South Africa set to de-densify townships/ informal settlements to stop the spread of Covid-19.
As the disease begins to surface in densely populated informal settlements known as townships the government plans to decrease the headcount in 29 critically overcrowded informal settlements across Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape, and Eastern Cape. The elderly, disabled and shack dwellers will likely be the first to be evacuated…
Published 26.04.2020 21:14
In Austria, Vienna has created new walking streets to give more space for pedestrians.
The city government has also agreed on a total of nine temporary meeting zones where the minimum distance of one meter can be maintained. Into the meeting zones, cars could continue driving at 20 km/h, cyclists are as well allowed and there is space for pedestrians.
Published 26.04.2020 21:11
In Australia, Sydney has activated automated traffic signals.
This is to allow pedestrians to cross the road without having to touch a button. The automated traffic lights will be active 24 hours a day. Similar initiatives have already been implemented in other places such as New Zealand, Boston or Massachusetts, which also have automated crossing signals.
Published 26.04.2020 11:36
Los Angeles brings thousands of homeless people into hotels.
This is to protect them from Covid-19. The federal government will pay for at least 15,000 hotel rooms during the pandemic in a state with a large homeless population. The rooms will be secured for the most vulnerable, which includes people over 65 years old or those with underlying health…
Published 25.04.2020 18:46
In Las Vegas, hundreds of homeless people were moved to sleep in a parking lot after another shelter was closed due to a positive Covid-19 case.
In Las Vegas, hundreds of homeless people were moved to sleep in a parking lot after another shelter was closed due to a positive Covid-19 case. In a parking lot, grid lines were drawn six feet (1.8 metres) apart to follow the social distancing guidelines. People sleep on mats that…

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