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Published 26.06.2020 18:47
Ugandan startup turns plastic bottles into coronavirus face shields.
A startup called Takataka Plastics is testing a new process to turn plastic waste into construction materials and, most recently, reusable, locally made plastic face shields for medical workers who are fighting Covid-19. Takataka Plastics has been manufacturing in Gulu since March, with 14 staff, having made about 1,200 of…
Published 19.06.2020 07:15
Melitta, the German maker of the original paper coffee filter, retooled its production to make masks.
The company likewise possesses Wolf PVG, which has actually created air filters and also vacuum bags for years, supplying useful expertise and also a supply of the three-ply microfibre required to make masks to a health center requirement. The coffee-filter-shaped masks are produced on the same machine as the filters…
Published 16.06.2020 18:19
In Ghana, a leather shoemaker created a solar-powered hand-washing basin to encourage personal hygiene.
Richard Kwarteng, 32, is a leather shoemaker based in the Ashanti region’s capital city, Kumasi, managed to gather all the necessary supplies to turn an old recycled metal barrel into a solar-powered hand-washing basin to encourage sanitation habits among the neighbourhood. It is set to run on a 25-second timer,…
Published 16.06.2020 06:18
In Norway, the authorities have suspended the contact-tracing app “Smittestopp” (“infection stop”) due to privacy concerns.
This technology was designed to collect the data of users movements and to ask at-rist users to isolate. It was launched in mid-April making Norway one of the first countries to introduce this kind of app in Europe. Two months later, in mid-June, Norway’s health authority ordered the deletion of…
Published 15.06.2020 10:49
In India, an automated parking app has partnered with some malls to monitor the entry of customers.
The Delhi-based start-up Park+ generates a mall pass on each client’s phone that must be used to check-in and check out. The app also tracks the body temperature of the customer.
Published 11.06.2020 14:03
Google Maps is updating Covid-19 transit alerts in several countries as of June.
Google is offering information about mandatory precautions in some areas such as wearing a mask or if a transit line is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. Google launched this new service in June in some countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand,…
Published 08.06.2020 07:56
In the UK, Uber has launched Work Hub for drivers to find temporary work opportunities with other companies.
During the pandemic, Uber in the UK has partnered with companies that are currently offering work opportunities, such as Adecco, Hermes or Yodel, to show vacancies in other jobs. Uber drivers can visit the new section “Work Hub” in their Driver App.
Published 02.06.2020 06:03
In the US, The Center on Rural Innovation is mapping the rural areas in greater need due to the pandemic.
This social Enterprise partnered with AppliedXL and STAT to create a tool to identify the preparedness of rural US, such as the number of licensed hospital beds or the percentage of the population aged older than 65 years old.
Published 01.06.2020 18:10
In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health released a Tracer app to monitor people’s movements through a ‘digital diary’.
QR codes will be displayed at the entrance of business and public buildings. Users who download the app will provide a digital diary of the location they have visited  by scanning that QR codes. They must also provide their personal details to allow the National Close Contact Service to get…
Published 31.05.2020 14:11
In Spain, “Mi Qarta” app allows digitization of restaurant menus to avoid clients touching it.
This tool allows hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes or ice cream parlors to display their menu with a QR code. Spain has started a de-escalation in four phases that varies according to the positive cases in the regions. The terraces can serve customers in phase 1, while the restaurants will do…

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