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Published 14.06.2020 18:37
In South Africa’s Western Cape Province health officials will now focus on testing the elderly for Covid-19.
The province has announced that they will now focus their testing on those aged 55 and above as they are the ones who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill. By focusing on vulnerable groups the province hopes to offer speedy interventions to save lives. The Western Cape Province…
Published 12.06.2020 07:33
In Equatorial Guinea, the Government has announced a plan of a mass testing programme for its entire 1.3 million population.
The announcement has been made by the Vice President of the country on his Instagram account. The strategy includes designeting 30 spots in the country’s two main cities, Malabo and Bata, to test the population.
Published 12.06.2020 06:50
In Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina, volunteers, government and police have organized patrols to serve the elderly.
This city made headlines during the Bosnian War (1992-1995) due to tens of civilians being killed. 26 years later, in Goražde, a grassroot movement of volunteers cooperate and help the vulnerable citizens of the town with a sophisticated system. They organized four teams for serving the elderly the vulnerable population…
Published 11.06.2020 11:00
In Argentina, the National Institute of Social Services for Retirees (PAMI) is monitoring the nursey homes.
The National Institute of Social Services for Retirees, known as PAMI, has been offering health care to the elderly since 1971. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it created the “Residencias Cuidadas” project to organize technical teams and to monitor nursing homes. Under this project, they are also informing families of…
Published 08.06.2020 07:16
In Cuba, tens of thousands of family doctors, nurses and students are visiting door to door every household across the island.
Cuba, the country with the highest doctor-to-patient ratio in the world, is using its human resources for a massive quick identification of cases, contact tracing and quarantine in isolation centres. Despite the fact it closed its border later than other countries in the region, the cases have decreased.
Published 31.05.2020 14:32
In Puerto Rico, residents of a neighborhood in the city of Guánica are tracked by a team of volunteers.
If someone who lives in the Arenas neighborhood has symptoms of Covid-19, a nurse is warned and a doctor makes a teleconsultation and determines whether it is necessary to be tested. Residents are also monitoring people over 65 years of age.
Published 24.05.2020 17:00
In Belarus, the Red Cross and an IT company Onde launched a taxi service that will ride volunteers free of charge.
It will help volunteers deliver medical recipes or grocery products to the elderly. It is a free online service and is based on the company’s new product, the Lolo app. It targets those drivers who want to help but aren’t necessarily ready to deliver groceries on their own.
Published 22.05.2020 08:00
In Uruguay, psychologists offer free care to the elderly.
Volunteers are specialists in psychogerontology and assist the elderly over 65 years old by phone. The project receives about 30 phone calls daily with calls explaining diverse feelings such as sadness, fear and loneliness. The goal is to maintain the project until the end of the pandemic to support the…
Published 21.05.2020 18:01
In Shanghai, China, coronavirus hunters are tracing patients.
Shanghai’s epidemiology surveyors track and chase down people suspected of having contracted Covid-19. They question them and their closer people about the places they visited and the people they were in contact with. They aim to identify the infected people and ask them to isolate and where the contagions came…
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Published 20.05.2020 14:18
Chinese community in the US is mobilizing by WeChat to get donations of equipment.
The grassroots initiative, called Chinese Americans Supporting Hospitals (CASH), started in mid-March. Volunteers living in the United States organized aid groups by WeChat (the Chinese WhatsApp) to get donations of masks and other protection equipment for frontline health staff.

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