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Published 22.06.2020 13:13
In Brazil, journalism companies are partnering to ensure transparency in information about Covid-19.
Journalists from Estadão, G1, O Globo, Extra, Folha de S. Paulo and UOL are collecting daily data on deaths and contamination by Covid-19 in Brazil in epidemiological bulletins from the state health departments. The companies’ decision was taken after President Jair Bolsonaro’s government limited access to data made available by…
Published 21.06.2020 18:04
In Africa, BBC News Africa has launched a Covid-19 fact checking library.
BBC News Africa has launched an online library of fact-checking stories to help fight the infodemic around Covid-19. The library has a wide range of searchable fact-checks that debunk popular myths and misinformation on the pandemic in Africa.
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Published 21.06.2020 17:04
In Ghana young women are using radio to dispel myths surrounding Covid-19.
A group of young women from the pan- African Campaign for Female Education Association (CAMFED) are using local community radio programs to dispel myths and fears surrounding Covid-19. One of the women Pearl Nikki Quarmyne explained that they realized that many people in the country were panicking and fearful and…
Published 21.06.2020 12:00
In Brazil, the National Council of Health Secretaries create a panel on Covid-19 to preserve data transparency.
The digital platform was launched after the Ministry of Health changed the format for publishing Covid-19 data and the official website went offline in early June. The data update on the Conass Panel – Covid-19 is daily.
Published 21.06.2020 11:59
In Brazil, a programmer makes Brazilian Covid-19 data available with the help of volunteers.
Programmer Álvaro Justen has been working for some years with public data. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, he and volunteers have been collecting data from epidemiological bulletins from the State Health Departments of the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. The data is usually made available…
Published 21.06.2020 09:54
In Brazil, a data journalist is monitoring Covid-19 numbers in cities.
The journalist Marcelo Soares analyzes on his website, Lagom Data, the numbers recorded in the bulletins of the health departments about confirmed cases and deaths in each Brazilian city with maps and graphs in a way that it is possible to observe the spread of the disease by municipality.
Published 27.06.2020 13:49
A new social movement Pandemic of Love is helping connect those who need help with those who can help.
In South Florida, local mindfulness teacher Shelly Tygielski launched her Pandemic of Love after seeing people around her losing their jobs. It started with a video on Instagram in which she announced a website that would connect those with a need due to loss of income with those who are…
Published 18.06.2020 17:44
Polish Red Cross started an information campaign to urge people to disinfect their smartphones during the pandemic.
The campaign is called #PolskaCzystaKomórka, which translates to #PolandCleanSmartphone. The Red Cross members explain that they will record videos and engage influencers in order to reach thousands of young people and show how important it is to disinfect smartphone screens. The popular social networking service TikTok joined the action, the…
Published 16.06.2020 12:10
In Cuba, entrepreneurs are using WhatsApp to continue with their business during the pandemic.
The Dale & Dale gym, for example, is renting exercise bikes to its customers and offering free WhatsApp classes so they can be used correctly at home. The School of Creative Photography in Havana is offering online classes and using WhatsApp to maintain communication with students.
Published 11.06.2020 17:54
In Africa, Facebook, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement will host a two day Covid-19 digital festival.
The organizations have partnered to launch #AfricaTogether a digital campaign and two-day festival aimed at encouraging Africans to continue with the fight against Covid-19. The festival which will be held from the 4th to the 5th of June will feature musicians, comedians, and Covid-19 first responders and fact-checkers from across…

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