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Published 24.06.2020 14:09
Botswana’s capital city was put under lockdown again after suspected Covid-19 cases were discovered.
Gaborone and surrounding towns and villages in Botswana went back to a total lockdown for three days. This came after 16 probable cases of Covid-19 were discovered in the capital at a time when the country was only left with one active case. The lockdown was aimed at affording health…
Published 18.06.2020 17:44
Polish Red Cross started an information campaign to urge people to disinfect their smartphones during the pandemic.
The campaign is called #PolskaCzystaKomórka, which translates to #PolandCleanSmartphone. The Red Cross members explain that they will record videos and engage influencers in order to reach thousands of young people and show how important it is to disinfect smartphone screens. The popular social networking service TikTok joined the action, the…
Published 15.06.2020 08:00
In Oman, the authorities have ordered a new three-week lockdown on several provinces in response to a rise of Covid-19 cases.
Dhofar, the biggest governorate in Oman, and other provinces ,were put under lockdown again on 13 June. The new lockdown was introduced about two weeks after that Omani authorities lifted the restrictions in Muscat province (on May 29), which had been put in place on 10 April.
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Published 15.06.2020 07:45
Senegal plans to ease lockdown restrictions after protests.
The government has announced that they will ease some of the country’s lockdown restrictions and lift a ban on inter-regional travel after two days of protests. The country plans on reducing its nationwide curfew by two hours and easing restrictions on gatherings in both public and private places. The restrictions…
Published 13.06.2020 11:20
In the UK, more than 31,000 close contacts of people with coronavirus were identified during the first week of the test and trace system.
Nearly 27,000 contacted within 24 hours and asked to self-isolate. The success of the programme is critical to the country’s ability to combat the spread of Covid-19 and prevent a second spike as the nation moves gradually out of lockdown. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said people had a “civic…
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Published 13.06.2020 08:22
In South Africa the High Court has ordered the government to overhaul some lockdown restrictions.
The court ruled that some of the country’s lockdown restrictions are “unconstitutional and invalid.” The ruling further stated that such restrictions were “irrational” and were not connected to slowing the rate of infection or limiting its spread. The court has given the government 14 days to change the rules around…
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Published 11.06.2020 10:53
Zimbabwe plans to increase security at its quarantine centres.
The Zimbabwean government has announced that it will increase security at all its quarantine centers to prevent quarantined returnees from escaping. This announcement comes after more than 118 individuals escaped from various quarantine facilities. Returnees at the quarantine facilities have raised numerous concerns about hygiene at these facilities.
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Published 04.06.2020 11:56
In Mauritius, a chemical company has launched a disinfection tunnel designed by Mauritian engineers.
The company, Blychem created to the device to disinfect people as they enter office, meeting, and entertainment spaces, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The tunnel is capable of fully disinfecting a person, their clothes and personal belongings in five to seven seconds.
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Published 01.06.2020 09:15
Botswana has established Covid-19 Zones.
The country lifted its national lockdown on the 21st of May 2020 with nine active cases. The government has now established nine Covid-19 zones and 13 checkpoints across the country. Residents can now move freely within their zones but will require permits for inter-zonal movements.
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Published 31.05.2020 10:06
In Uganda the government has committed to distributing free face masks to citizens.
President Yoweri Museveni says his government will provide free masks to all Ugandans aged 6 years old and above in a bid to ensure that citizens do not share face masks. The announcement comes after the government has made it compulsory for people to wear facemasks in public places. The…

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