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Published 06.06.2020 17:53
In Mozambique the government has launched a free Covid-19 hotline.
The aim of the Covid-19 line is to reduce congestion at hospitals. As such, Mozambicans can now call 110 for information and assistance regarding Covid-19. The line can also be used to report those breaking quarantine rules. The switchboard is currently managed at Mavalane General Hospital in the capital city…
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Published 19.05.2020 17:22
In Libya, the World Food Programme WFP launches Covid-19 hotline.
The hotline is operated by an interagency call center, managed by the WFP-led Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) in Tripoli. The main mandate of the line is to provide reliable and easily accessible information as well as counter the mistruths about the virus. Call center operators have also been trained to…
Published 26.04.2020 21:33
In Marseille, France, citizens created a solidarity network between inhabitants.
The network called “Coronavirus: solidarity among inhabitants of 13003” because it is located in the third district of Marseille has a free phone. The organizers sent text messages and emails to inform about the services and they have also been contacted by nurses and teachers to tell them about isolated…
Published 26.04.2020 13:23
In France, the government asked Apple to remove a technical obstacle which blocks a contact-tracing application.
Bloomberg reported that the French government wants to deploy an App by May 11, the national lockdown is expected to end. That tool would use bluetooth for the contact- tracing. However, i-phones mobiles do not allow an app that is not active to use bluetooth, to protect user privacy and…
Published 25.04.2020 20:34
A social enterprise Dimagi, based in the US, began freely offering its mobile tool to organisations responding to Covid-19 around the world.
The tool, CommCare, helps health care workers with tracking person-to-person contact, laboratory data management, decision support, and spreading useful information. The company is also compiling a library of free templated coronavirus mobile applications for quick deployment.

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