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Published 11.06.2020 14:03
Google Maps is updating Covid-19 transit alerts in several countries as of June.
Google is offering information about mandatory precautions in some areas such as wearing a mask or if a transit line is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. Google launched this new service in June in some countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand,…
Published 03.06.2020 12:51
Campaign group launches online pub, the Red (On)Lion, to allow beer lovers from around the world to get together.
The Red (On)Lion is a video platform where anyone can join the public bar for a chat over a beer or book a table to set up video conferencing for up to four participants. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has launched it to tackle self-isolation. They are planning to…
Published 02.06.2020 16:21
Text For Humanity lets people send uplifting texts to support healthcare workers.
They can return the message back. A messaging service called Text for Humanity was created by cloud communications service Sinch in partnership with Mental Health America charity. In fact, it was launched in January to combat online negativity and promote the sharing of positive messages between strangers, as the website…
Published 27.05.2020 15:30
Project Lockdown monitors and collects information about various non-pharmaceutical interventions around the world.
The results are put on a map which provides an overview and allows to visualise the success of different pandemic response measures, monitor effects on Human and Digital Rights, and clarify evaluation metrics. This civic tech initiative combines its own database and data sourced from Johns Hopkins University.
Published 25.05.2020 16:00
An open and public Trello board and Slack channel offer resources for journalists to cover Covid-19 worldwide.
It is launched by Gather, a project and a platform that supports journalists and other professionals by sharing resources and contacts, offering a platform to communicate and find mentorship. The Trello board offers various tips on responding to the information needs of people during the pandemic, how to host online…
Published 26.04.2020 22:06
A new website teaches how not to touch your face.
It is called – predictably – Donottouchyourface.com. It uses a machine learning algorithm to recognise images of individuals when they touch their faces. Once trained, it alerts a person by shouting whenever they touch their face. The webcam watches a person while they use a computer, but developers say they…
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Published 26.04.2020 22:04
QuarantineChat offers calls as a response to people under the lockdown.
Despite using online chatting and video services, many people miss a random conversation with a stranger. This app pairs users around the world who can get a call any time by anyone. It is an app Dialup, so the connection is online, which means a user doesn’t have to pay…
Published 26.04.2020 21:04
Google and Apple joined together to develop a technology to alert people.
This is indended to be in cases when someone has recently come into contact with infected people. A similar app was implemented in Singapore, however Singaporean should download the app and only 12 percent used it. Concerns are raised about privacy. The two tech giants said in a joint announcement…
Published 26.04.2020 20:32
WHO launched a health alert service with Facebook and WhatsApp.
Dedicated messaging services are available in Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, which gives it potential to spread information to 2 billion people directly. The service can be accessed by a link that opens a conversation on WhatsApp. Users can type “hi” in the available languages to start…

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