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Published 02.06.2020 07:59
In Spain, over 35,000 volunteers have contributed with the Red Cross amidst the pandemic.
Cruz Roja Española, the Spanish subsidiary of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, launched a massive operation in the country, that includes more than 5,000 health transfers, 200,000 deliveries of essential goods and the deployment of more than 93 shelters for homeless people.
Published 10.05.2020 18:09
In Valencia, Spain, the school free meal is replaced by a SMS that can be exchanged at the supermarket during the pandemic.
The parents of the 58,000 students who usually receive free school meals  in that region can exchange a €120 SMS-voucher in Consum supermarkets. 16% of students in Spain depend on school food scholarships. In Madrid, the regional government’s response has been widely criticized, after reaching an agreement with fast food…
Published 09.05.2020 12:31
In the UK, volunteers built a grassroots National Food Service to tackle food insecurity.
The National Food Service is a network of initiatives built by and for the communities. The network first started in 2018. The founding organization is the Food Hall, a volunteer community hub in Sheffield. The network is made up of 13 branches and each branch is autonomous. During the lockdown…
Published 07.05.2020 17:08
A group of Uruguayan restaurant owners, chefs and hotel staff created an alliance to distribute meals to soap kitchens.
The name of the initiative is El Fuego Prendido and it is a non-profit alliance to bring their expertise helping “ollas populares” (soup kitchens) in Uruguay. Volunteers cook and deliver food. They accept donations for the project.
Published 05.05.2020 15:09
In Bolivia, the police are teaching in Quechua language how to properly use gloves and masks.
The officers collected food and protection materials thanks to donations from solidarity neighbors and distributed them among remote areas. In peripheral neighborhoods in the Cochabamba city, police delivered the goods and protective items and taught the population how to use them.
Published 05.05.2020 12:30
In Paraisópolis, one of the largest favelas in São Paulo, Brazil, ‘street presidents’ go door-to-door for coronavirus awareness.
The so-called “Presidente de Rua” (street presidents)  are chosen by the neighbors and their aim is to raise awareness, to monitor that people stay home, to distribute donations and essential items and to support people with symptoms with information. About 21,000 houses in the community are supported by the volunteers.
Published 27.04.2020 17:12
In Mumbai, India, a citizens’ initiative Khaana Chahiye (Hindi for “Need food”) provides 70,000 meals a day for the most vulnerable,
such as the homeless, stranded migrant workers and daily wagers. Those behind the initiative are preparing meals at restaurants in the city. They’ve started fundraising money to meet the expenses. On their website, they also received alerts on people who face hunger.
Published 27.04.2020 17:02
In Argentina, the government imposed maximum prices for essential goods during the pandemic.
Products range from basic food ingredients like oil, rice or flour to hygiene products like gel alcohol. The measure was established on March 19 after detecting the general increase in the cost of certain products.and has been extended until May 20.
Published 27.04.2020 15:49
South African rival gangs work together to distribute food during the country’s lockdown.
South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown has brought rival gangs together to deliver food parcels to those struggling to make ends meet. The nation is in the fourth week of one of the toughest lockdowns in the world. In response, Andie Steel-Smith, a pastor from Cape Town has nudged different gang members…
Published 27.04.2020 15:24
In Botswana, the government will provide food relief assistance to families that are financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the country’s lockdown.
The country is currently going through a door to door assessment to register people in need of assistance. Those found to be in urgent need of food and other supplies are given emergency food baskets while those that are not in urgent need are registered and will have food delivered…

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