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Published 26.06.2020 14:44
In the Central African Republic (CAR), UN agencies have donated PPE to prisons in the country.
The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hygiene materials valued as US$120K to 12 prisons in the CAR. The donation will be used by both detainees and staff to stop…
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Published 08.06.2020 15:18
In Kenya a refugee soap maker has lowered the prices of his products.
Innocent Havyarimana, a Burundian refugee and a soap maker living at the Kakuma camp, in Kenya has decided to lower the prices of his products during the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that he realized that everyone needs his products to fight the virus and as such decided to make them…
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Published 08.06.2020 12:19
In Niger refugees have set up a mini-factory for hygiene products at an emergency transit mechanism (ETM) centre.
The refugees are producing bars of soap, liquid hand wash, bleach, and water containers for free distribution to fellow refugees and the local community. The project was initiated in 2019 by UNHCR as a means of teaching women at the center new skills however at the onset of the Covid-19…
Published 02.06.2020 17:18
Portable sinks are being installed across the United States to help homeless people have access to hygiene.
Dozens of hand-washing stations were installed by the Georgia-based nonprofit Love Beyond Walls partnered with LavaMaeX, another nonprofit from California. The campaign received support from the Grammy-winner rapper Lecrae who helped install 15 portable sinks in Atlanta. It was reported that the sinks are sanitised several three times every day.
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Published 01.06.2020 12:01
In Zimbabwe junior coders and engineers have designed a balaclava mask for school children.
Harare Institute of Junior Coders and Engineers which teaches children computer coding, programming, and software engineering has designed a balaclava face mask for school children. The mask was designed to ensure that children cannot remove it and as such prevent them from touching their faces and sharing masks. The organization…
Published 17.05.2020 13:14
In Syria, the Damascus government released dozens of inmates for fear of the spread of Covid-19.
Some humanitarian organizations such as Amnesty International had called on the authorities to cooperate with UN agencies to prevent the spread of the virus in prisons, detention centres and military hospitals. However, in April, the Syrian Network For Human Rights (SNHR) had documented the release of  only 83 detainees who…
Published 14.05.2020 15:55
In Mauritania, UNHCR launched the “Cash for Social Protection” program for refugees.
Refugees will receive MRU 1,400 (about €36) per person monthly during the pandemic. Most of that refugee population in the urban centres of the country work in the informal sector and survive on daily jobs that in most cases have been stopped due to confinement. The UN is also using…
Published 11.05.2020 15:30
In Turin, Italy, a pharmacy is screening customers for temperature and mask.
Stores and pharmacies are dealing with social distancing since the European country hardest-hit by the pandemic began a gradual lifting of lockdown. It entered Phase-2 on May 4th. Factories resumed activity immediately and parks were reopened. Exercise outside is also permitted and people can visit relatives. Museums, trailers and libraries…
Published 11.05.2020 12:23
In Brazil, a group of cyclists distribute personal hygiene kits to people living on the street
In São Paulo, Brazil, a collective of bikers called Bike System travels through the city distributing cleaning kits to those who are living on the street with no access to the means of virus prevention. The kit is simple: water bottles and liquid soap bottles so they can wash their hands. There are an estimated 24,000 homeless people in Brazil's wealthiest city.
Published 27.04.2020 16:37
A global movement #StayTheF—Home urges people to stay inside and avoid close contact.
It is started with a website staythefuckhome.com created by a German software engineer Florian Reifschneider. It has a 12-point “Self-Quarantine Manifesto” with recommendations to practice social distancing, do not attend concerts, wash hands and don’t panic. The website has now various language versions, and the message #StayTheF—Home was repeated around…

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