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Published 25.06.2020 14:42
In Angola the FAO is using farmer field schools to educate rural farmers on Covid-19.
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Ministry of Agriculture in Angola have partnered to educate farmers in remote villages in Angola about the Covid-19 pandemic. Through farmer field schools they are teaching farmers how to protect themselves from the virus and they are also…
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Published 25.06.2020 14:25
In Brazil, indigenous people are sewing protective masks against Covid-19.
Some indigenous women has to stop selling handicrafts due to the pandemic and they started to sew masks to feed their families. The indigenous people Sateré-Mawé received funds from British artists from the Artist Project Earth (APE-UK) group to purchase two sewing machines, fabric, scissors, and rubber bands. By the…
Published 14.06.2020 18:38
In the US, volunteers have launched the Indigenous Mutual Aid network.
This project aims to inspire autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to the pandemic.This is a project of information and support maintained by volunteers with Indigenous Action, Táala Hooghan Infoshop, and Kinłani Mutual Aid. They have created a Slack channel to connect, share and coordinate efforts.
Published 06.05.2020 18:32
In Guatemala, a group of 30 women provide psychological and legal assistance to other women who are victims of violence during social isolation in the Patzún city.
They also prepare information materials about Covid-19 in Kaqchiquel, a language spoken by some indigenous people in Central America. Some populations are uninformed about Covid-19 because most of the information is in Spanish, the country’s official language.
Published 05.05.2020 15:09
In Bolivia, the police are teaching in Quechua language how to properly use gloves and masks.
The officers collected food and protection materials thanks to donations from solidarity neighbors and distributed them among remote areas. In peripheral neighborhoods in the Cochabamba city, police delivered the goods and protective items and taught the population how to use them.
Published 27.04.2020 11:58
In Australia, a radio station translates information into indigenous languages.
It is a Darwin-based Yolngu Radio 88.9FM station. It broadcasts through all six major North East Arnhem Land communities, 15 remote homelands, and the Darwin and Palmerston region. In March, Australian government used its Biosecurity Act to restrict visitors to Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities.
Published 27.04.2020 11:55
The State of Mexico translated the information on the pandemic into five indigenous languages.
The materials with the necessary prevention measures were translated into Mazahua, Otomi, Nahuatl, Tlahuica and Matlatzinca to ensure that indigenous peoples have access to the necessary information on health and hygiene. It is a joint project between the Ministry of Social Development in coordination with the State Council for the…
Published 26.04.2020 13:27
In Brazil, an organization broadcasts information on Covid-19 to inform the indigenous population in Amazons.
In Alto Rio Negro, an indigenous territory in the Amazonas, the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of Rio Negro (Foirn) uses radio to inform the population in this indigenous territory because they have realized that it is the most effective media in this area. Edneia Teles explained Amazonia Real that she…
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Published 26.04.2020 11:47
At the Colombia-Venezuela border, the NGO Wine to Water delivered water purification filters to indigenous population.
The lack of clean and safe water is one of the concerns to prevent the contagion of Covid-19 among the Colombian-Venezuelan indigenous community of the Yupka tribe in this area. This nonprofit together with Samaritan’s Purse also trained community leaders in the efficient use of the filter and received guidelines…

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