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Published 26.06.2020 11:41
In Uruguay, dancers offer dance classes on social media.
Since May, dancers from the Ballet Nacional de Sodre have been teaching people to dance for free. The idea is to help people get physical exercise during the quarantine.
Published 26.06.2020 10:38
In Uruguay, the Ecocinema is projecting films open-air for people to watch from their home windows.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor film screenings show messages of resilience. Organizers use solar energy.
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Published 25.06.2020 07:41
Kenya Airways plans to resume passenger flights.
The airline wants to resume passenger flights as soon as a ban on international flights is lifted in order to recover revenue lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the airline has been providing cargo services for essential supplies the revenue from this stream of business has not been enough to…
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Published 24.06.2020 14:09
Botswana’s capital city was put under lockdown again after suspected Covid-19 cases were discovered.
Gaborone and surrounding towns and villages in Botswana went back to a total lockdown for three days. This came after 16 probable cases of Covid-19 were discovered in the capital at a time when the country was only left with one active case. The lockdown was aimed at affording health…
Published 24.06.2020 08:10
Vietnam plans to resume flights to some virus-free countries in July.
Guangzhou in China, Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia could be the first select locations. Vietnam has suspended international flights since March 25.
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Published 21.06.2020 10:58
In Venezuela, doctors from Médicos Venezolanos Online project are offering free online care.
They are 102 volunteer doctors who arry out at least 1,500 teleconsultations per day free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Published 19.06.2020 13:42
In Chile, a psychopedagogy student has created an Instagram profile to help students.
Rocío Fernández Carrillo created “InstaEstudios” in January 2019 to share tips and advice for students of different levels and ages to learn to study. As the pandemic emerged, Fernández adapted the projec to help students study at home during the quarantine.
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Published 17.06.2020 15:48
In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), journalists have launched a website highlighting challenges faced by people in the DRC during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The website, Congo in Conversation highlights the human, social and ecological challenges faced by Congolese as they battle Covid-19, Ebola and measles. The project is a collaboration between journalists and photographers based in the country, Foundation Carmignac and a Canadian-British photographer Finbarr O’Reilly.
Published 16.06.2020 12:10
In Cuba, entrepreneurs are using WhatsApp to continue with their business during the pandemic.
The Dale & Dale gym, for example, is renting exercise bikes to its customers and offering free WhatsApp classes so they can be used correctly at home. The School of Creative Photography in Havana is offering online classes and using WhatsApp to maintain communication with students.
Published 24.06.2020 15:08
In the UK, more than 200 chief executives urge the UK government to deliver clean, inclusive and resilient recovery plan after the pandemic.
CEOs of some of the UK’s top firms – including HSBC, National Grid, and Heathrow airport – signed a letter to the prime minister asking him to use the Covid-19 lockdown as a springboard to build “a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient UK economy for the future” and provide recovery…

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