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Published 19.06.2020 16:35
In Chile, the Ministry of Education has created a working group to prevent school dropout during the pandemic.
The group brings together education specialists who must review the measures already implemented to prevent students from leaving school and adapt them to the context of the pandemic. Experts should also come up with ideas to identify the challenges o stfudents at risk.
Published 27.06.2020 13:49
A new social movement Pandemic of Love is helping connect those who need help with those who can help.
In South Florida, local mindfulness teacher Shelly Tygielski launched her Pandemic of Love after seeing people around her losing their jobs. It started with a video on Instagram in which she announced a website that would connect those with a need due to loss of income with those who are…
Published 16.06.2020 14:10
In Cuba, ElToque and Periodismo de Bairro have launched a fact-cheking bot about Covid-19.
COVIDE is a computer program created by Cuban developers Abraham Calas and José Carlos Oliva. It has been lauched by ElToque and Periodismo de Bairro. It provides a bot for Telegram and WhatsApp so that the public can quickly and easily search for proven news and prevent from spreading nmisinformation.
Published 15.06.2020 10:18
In Greece, the authorities have put all passengers from a Qatar flight in quarantine after 12 people on board tested positive.
The travellers who tested positive had to remain isolated in a government-designated hotel for two weeks. In addition, Greece suspended flights from and to Qatar until June 15.
Published 14.06.2020 15:33
In Venezuela, NGOs raised money to buy cell phones for teachers.
The NGOs Fé y Alegria and Unidos en la Misión created the “Maestro al télefono” campaign to help teachers who need to teach online due to the quarantine and provide them smarth phones to prepare classes and chat with students.
Published 11.06.2020 13:42
In Argentina, the government created a digital platform to help patients of Covid-19 in Patagonia.
The website allows people living in Neuquén, a province located in the Patagonia region, to make donations or offer voluntary service in the areas of health, education, administration, security, and logistics. The campaign is called “Juntos podemos más”.
Published 09.06.2020 14:30
In Malaysia, durian traders turn to online sales to overcome coronavirus impacts since they are unable to take the fruit directly to people.
Continuing demand for the fruit has brought some energy to the industry.
Published 16.06.2020 16:18
In India, an online collective of “Caremongers” is reaching out to help the elderly and other vulnerable groups.
The group, which now has about 45,000 members, was started by Mahita Nagaraj, a digital marketing professional from Bangalore, in the early days of the pandemic. She got the idea after a few friends living abroad asked her for help checking in with their elderly parents in India. In addition…
Published 16.06.2020 14:16
A Nigerian graffiti artist is aiming to inspire youths in his area through graffiti art in a Lagos suburb.
The animated graffiti designs seen around Mushin are being created by Fawas Adeoye, one of a new generation of Nigerian graffiti artists in Lagos. 28-year-old Fawas has been painting for more than 12 years, from creating backdrops for musical videos to paintings on canvases. He believes that his art encourages,…
Published 05.06.2020 11:10
In Honduras, rural women sew masks to prevent Covid-19.
It is an initiative of the Red COMAL Network, from the Rural Caja 21 de mayo, a community initiative led by women. Its leader, Lucia Sarmiento and other women sew fabric masks for families and their community. Another part of the production is sold in the city Comayagua.

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