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Published 27.06.2020 08:47
Many major airlines cut in-flight alcohol to stop the coronavirus spread.
One way the virus spreads is through points of contact with contaminated surfaces, meaning it could be transmitted through straws, cups and liquid containers. In the US, Delta is only serving bottled water. American Airlines is only offering alcohol on international flights. Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia are currently not…
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Published 21.06.2020 16:05
In Ghana, United Nations is providing specialized nutritious foods for Covid-19 patients.
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has donated 10,800 bags of specialized nutritious food to feed Covid-19 patients in isolation centers. The food is manufactured in Ghana and is made of blended cereals and soy flour, mixed with extra minerals and vitamins to boost the immune system.
Published 02.06.2020 18:19
A café at a zoo in Japan put soft toys at tables to encourage visitors to practice social distancing.
Izu Shaboten Zoo in Shizuoka is a well-known destination to view capybaras – giant rodents that are native to South America. So the café was filled with those fluffy plushies sitting around the tables to force people to sit further apart from one another.
Published 19.05.2020 18:30
In Panama, Héroes de Blanco donates food and prevention products to police and health workers.
The idea for the project came up after a conversation between friends on Whatsapp about the Covid-19 pandemic in March. Since then, volunteers have donated food and disease prevention products to police and hospital workers. Donations are delivered in several regions, for example, Panamá Oeste, Chiriquí, Colón, Penonomé, Chitré, and…
Published 19.05.2020 15:34
In Panama, restaurants staff launched “Comida para Nuestros Héroes” (Food for our Heroes) campaign to donate lunch boxes.
The team formed by restaurant owners and cooks prepares food to voluntarily deliver to those who continue to work. They target essential workers in hospitals but they also provide food to other kind of employees such as call centers staff and the Ministry of Health workers.
Published 09.05.2020 14:36
Zambian Breweries has embarked on the production of alcohol based hand sanitizers.
The sanitizers will be donated to the Ministry of Health in Zambia. They will be made using commercial ethanol and according to the World Health Organization standards of 80% alcohol and packaged in 250ml bottles.
Published 26.04.2020 21:02
In China, fast food receipts include the body temperature of the cooker.
And of the driver who delievered the food. Since the health crisis began, fast food chains like McDonald’s had also implemented contactless pickup, so customers ordered remotely by mobile phones and the delivery person put the meal in a special spot for being collected.

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