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Published 21.06.2020 10:58
In Venezuela, doctors from Médicos Venezolanos Online project are offering free online care.
They are 102 volunteer doctors who arry out at least 1,500 teleconsultations per day free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Published 21.06.2020 09:54
In Brazil, a data journalist is monitoring Covid-19 numbers in cities.
The journalist Marcelo Soares analyzes on his website, Lagom Data, the numbers recorded in the bulletins of the health departments about confirmed cases and deaths in each Brazilian city with maps and graphs in a way that it is possible to observe the spread of the disease by municipality.
Published 21.06.2020 06:01
Japan aims to put Covid-19 vaccine into use by June 2021 as the country strives to be ready to host the Olympics.
The government has designated $1.34 billion for vaccine production and distribution. Japanese firms such as Shionogi&Co. and AnGes Inc. have been developing the vaccines.
Health, ,
Published 20.06.2020 12:49
In Gambia fashion entrepreneurs and women’s groups are working together to produce face masks.
Ndeye Fatou Njie, a local fashion designer has partnered with other fashion entrepreneurs and women’s groups in rural Gambia to produce facemasks needed in the fight against Covid-19. The aim of the project is to produce 50 000 face masks through their “Made in Gambia” initiative. The facemasks produced are distributed…
Published 19.06.2020 19:06
Hong Kong’s Disneyland reopened on June 18 after coronavirus break.
A health declaration will be required as part of the reservation process. Social distancing measures will also be implemented in queues.
Published 19.06.2020 16:35
In Chile, the Ministry of Education has created a working group to prevent school dropout during the pandemic.
The group brings together education specialists who must review the measures already implemented to prevent students from leaving school and adapt them to the context of the pandemic. Experts should also come up with ideas to identify the challenges o stfudents at risk.
Published 19.06.2020 14:32
In Bolivia, storekeepers have installed hand washers at the entrance to supermarkets.
Customers must wash their hands before entering the establishments to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They are foot-operated washing hands basins to prevent people from touching the taps.
Published 19.06.2020 13:42
In Chile, a psychopedagogy student has created an Instagram profile to help students.
Rocío Fernández Carrillo created “InstaEstudios” in January 2019 to share tips and advice for students of different levels and ages to learn to study. As the pandemic emerged, Fernández adapted the projec to help students study at home during the quarantine.
Published 19.06.2020 08:38
In Chile, scientists have developed a test for Covid-19 cheaper and faster than the test that they used until now.
Researchers at the Universidad Austral de Chile developed a testing system to detect asymptomatic cases of Covid-19. It is possible to analyze 20 tests at the same time. The idea is not to discard traditional tests but to complement the diagnostic work.
Published 19.06.2020 08:18
Malaysia eased its Covid-19 restrictions from June 10 to allow domestic travel, social activities and reopen schools.
The measures were under the “recovery movement control order” phase until August 31. Non-contact sports aside from water sports are allowed but entertainment outlets remain shut.

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