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Published 12.05.2020 17:14
Pakistan hired thousands of unemployed people for a 10 billion tree-planting campaign.
This 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign aims to give an opportunity to people who recently lost their jobs and at the same time, protecting the environment. Pakistan created about 63,000 jobs for the unemployed by relaunching this campaign, according to Reuters.
Published 12.05.2020 17:06
In Japan, cabbage companies are hiring hotels staff to help both agriculture and tourism industry during the pandemic.
Japan has been bringing in labor from developing countries since 1993, under a program to transfer technologies and knowledge. Foreigners were trained in the agricultural or manufacturing sectors and they came back home three years later. Due to the current travel restrictions, some farm companies are recruiting labour among nearby…
Published 09.05.2020 13:33
In Mexico, Zapotec artisans make masks with traditional fabrics.
“Bellas Juchitecas” (“Beautiful Juchitecas” in Spanish) is the name of the group of artisans formed by 20 taylors from Juchitán, in the southern state of Oaxaca, who used to weave regional costumes for popular festivals. Since the festivals in the area were canceled due to the health crisis and these…
Published 08.05.2020 18:00
In Hong Kong, the government launched a $17.67 billion package of relief measures to help businesses.
The government will pay 50% of private-sector workers’ salaries for 6 months. This measure will help out 1.5 million workers.
Lockdown, Unemployment,
Published 08.05.2020 16:14
In Brazil, teachers and students from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) created the application No Bairro Tem.
The App “No Barro Tem” (meaning “There is that in the neiborhood” in Portugues) is collecting the information of small businesses in Grande Recife. The goal is to make it easier for consumers to find a service close to home and to help businesses minimize financial losses during the lochdown…
Published 08.05.2020 16:05
In Uruguay, the Lodesiempre.uy website offers discount vouchers to use in restaurants when they reopen.
More than 90 restaurants and breweries which closed due to the pandemic in the cities of Montevideo, Colonia, Canelones and Maldonado participated in the initiative. There are two types of vouchers: “Solidarity voucher”, in which money is divided equally among all participant restaurants and the “Fanatic voucher” to support a…
Published 07.05.2020 19:00
In Costa Rica, Juntos por Guanacaste project is raising funds to help unemployed.
The Guanacaste Community Fund together with other organizations in the Santa Cruz tourist area created this project to help families from 31 communities who are unemployed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Basic food baskets and products such as soaps, disinfectant towels and gel alcohol are delivered.
Published 07.05.2020 14:42
In Costa Rica, the Nosara Food Bank is helping residents of the tourist community of Nosara, in the city of Nicoya, who are unemployed because of thepandemic.
For three months, basic food baskets will be delivered to unemployed families. Due to the pandemic, the beaches were closed, as well as restaurants and hotels, temporarily, in one of the districts that most depends on tourism in this area. Some volunteers answer the calls with the orders, others offer…
Published 27.04.2020 19:00
In Island, the government will create up to 3,500 summer jobs and internships for students with special focus on promoting entrepreneurship.
This measure is part of an aid package announced on April 21, that also include loans for small business and tourism companies, investment in mental health services, a fund to supplement the wages of artists and support to private media.
Published 27.04.2020 18:54
In Cyprus, parents of children up to 15 years of age can apply for a “special leave” while schools are closed due to the pandemic.
They will receive a percentage of their salaries, which in the case of single-parent families will be higher. Parents who are not allowed to telework or have flexible working hours can benefit from this measure.

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