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Published 26.04.2020 11:41
In South Africa, the government launched a door-to-door screening program.
About 10,000 field workers were sent to houses in villages and towns to screen for symptoms and conduct mass testing. Homeless people have also tested. Massive testing is one of the successful strategies carried out by countries that stopped the virus from spreading like South Korea.
Published 26.04.2020 11:21
In Costa Rica, universities designed prototypes of artificial respirators.
Professionals from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC) are working in different projects to create low-cost prototypes of mechanical ventilatorin Costa Rica. They are using 3D printing. In the case of UCR they launched “Respira UCR,” using blueprints from the OxyGEN project…
Published 26.04.2020 11:07
In Costa Rica, the government installed a mobile hospital near the border with Guatemala.
The aim of this hospital is to increase the health capacity of Hospital Los Chiles in the admission of patients with Covid-19. This area, with large flows of irregular migration prepares for surge in cases of coronavirus cases in the border area with Nicaragua.  
Published 26.04.2020 11:06
In Brazil, the University of São Paulo created an artificial respirator.
The project, called “INSPIRE”, uses national technology and components available in Brazil. The aim is to supply the lack of mechanical ventilator in the country. They were designed with national technology, they can be manufactured quickly and they are inexpensive. In one week, 500 respirators can be produced. This is…
Published 26.04.2020 10:53
In the UK, a technology company designed a new ventilator to help treat coronavirus patients.
The vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Dyson, received an order from the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 10,000 ventilators. Ten days later, the new product, CoVent, was developed. It is a bed-mounted and portable ventilator, with the option to run on battery power.
Published 26.04.2020 10:49
In Jordan, a coronavirus dedicated hotline is accessible to all citizens.
By dialling 111, users inside the country can get connected for free to certified doctors. It was launched by AlTibbi, a health platform in the Middle East and North Africa, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Jordan. The platform brings together more than 12,000 accredited medical doctors across…
Published 25.04.2020 20:43
In Kenya, a grassroots disaster relief organisation provides aid to vulnerable people.
Mutual Aid Kenya is using community-based groups in two largest cities – Nairobi and Mombasa – to identify at-risk households. It then collects mobile money contributions from Kenyans to buy and distribute flour, beans, and soap in bulk in both cities. It relies on communities working together to ensure each…

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